Lounge Apparel – Spring Loungewear overhaul

Lounge Apparel – Spring Loungewear overhaul

With winter hopefully well and truly behind us, it should be time to turn the heating off, and forget wrapping up under layers and layers of blankets. So no is a great time to give your loungewear and comfy wardrobe a bit of a spring overhaul.

Ditch all the sweatpants that have seen better days, and worn out hoodies, and add some more stylish slouchies into your loungewear collection. Just because you want to be comfy, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise style.

We absolutely adore Lounge Apparel’s latest collection of sweatshirts, shorts and super cute lounging t-shirts. With the super cute and pretty pink for spring, we feel like this set is an absolute must have and a great place to start in your new spring loungewear selection. Shop the Pink Cropped Hoodie here and the Cropped T here . Shop the shorts here and sweatpants here. Also check out their popular legging sets here.


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