Art & Style at Brown Thomas with Emma Sheridan

I had the pleasure of attending this event at Brown Thomas… a fusion of art&style in their series of showcasing chosen artists taking window and gallery space in the store #BTARTAND STYLE

Fashion and Art go hand in hand – each drawing inspiration from the other. We want to celebrate the diverse range of Irish art that is being created in the country today and bring it to a wider audience.

– John Redmond, Brown Thomas Creative Director.

Emma Sheridan works as a designer, illustrator, stylist, and art director in Dublin. In her illustrations she mends street style,high fashion and pop culture to create free and quirky drawings. She has worked with designers, magazines and brands from the UK, New York, and Milan. A traumatic experience led Emma into illustrations and she loves the freedom it allows her.

Emma lives and breathes her art and passion for fashion quite literally…..the art is on the clothes.

You can find all of Emma’s amazing work here…..

Whilst chatting to Emma I met Maura who writes the Arts Show for near90.3fm…well worth tunning in. These events bring together the people who love art and fashion from all walks of life and that’s the joy of seeing, meeting, and experiencing the marriage that is art & style.

Her story is facinating as is her work and her traumatic experience comes to life in her work. Emma continues to exibit in Brown Thomas Dublin until the 25th.

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