Gucci Ready to Wear

Gucci Ready to Wear 

Gucci is certainly iconic for their accessories, think of the Dionysus Bag that is surely on everyone’s wish list. Or what about the very practical collapsible back loafers (faux fur optional). But what about the ready to wear pieces that have become incredibly iconic over the last year or so?

We thought we would do a quick round up of the most iconic/ out there prices from the current Gucci Ready To Wear collection. So if you love the brand, here are the pieces you should look out for!

Firstly, the T shirts are an obvious choice for this. We love the Guccify and ‘Guccy’ additions.

Next, and following the T shirts, we have the sweaters. Not much difference, other than warmth, yet still iconic and a great addition to your wardrobe.

The Shirts also play in here with the easily identifiable house web lining cuffs and neck lines. Easily tucked into jeans for a luxe look.

Pants also gain iconic status. Check out the printed cropped trousers. Great with a plain white T and sneakers.

Shop the whole collection here .



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