The summer Lip Product you Need

What do we all want when it comes to summer make-up? Something simple, easy, natural, but at the same time something that will pop a little.

It is nice to keep skin looking as natural and as glowy as possible during the summer months to avoid and melting foundation faces, and you will have sunglasses on no doubt most of the time, so what are we left with to really make a statement with? Why Lips of course!

With that being said, it is important to make the right choice in summer when it comes to lip colour! We don’t want something that washes us out, nor a matte lip colour that is going to dry out! So we think that a lipstick/ lip balm hybrid this the best bet to go for. We have tried and tested a few, and have whittled it down to our ultimate favourite, the chubby sticks by Clinique.

This IS the lip product that you NEED this summer, trust us!

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