Trend Talk: The Beaded Bag

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Trend Talk: The Beaded Bag

This week’s Trend Talk, will be focusing on something that we have seen a great deal of this summer from high end designer to high street ‘inspired’. We are not going to focus on a big trend this week but rather much on something that adds a little dazzle to an outfit, it’s kind of a bag/ jewellery hybrid really and the ultimate girly accessory; The beaded bag.

We are sure you’ve all seen them crop up on your Instagram feed, probably most likely to be the Shrimps Antonia bag, which is arguably the most recognisable and possibly the bag that started it all off. We saw it for weeks and weeks and now have decided that we have a Shrimps Antonia shaped hole in our wardrobes! NEED!

But as with any trend talk, we are going to show you how to style the trend, or in this case item so that you can easily integrate it into your wardrobe, or just get some inspiration.

We have a casual and Smart took using the Shrimps Antonia Bag. To shop the products, please click on the images.








Black on black, and then the stand out accessory white. A very simple, easy and classic way to pair more statement accessories. Go all black and simple and let the bag do the talking. Super easy and we are sure you have some all black outfits knocking around in your existing wardrobe. If not (why not?) we have some inspo for you below.







A stunning dress for a stunning bag! A great way to wear this one out. Pair with some elegant shoes and go dance the night away.






Melanie Grace

Melanie Grace Fashion Editor and Publisher for Pynck

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