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We experienced the world of DIOR Beauty & Fragrance at Christmas, with the Art of Gifting. Immersed ourselves into the history of Mr Christian DIOR, the story of the house and the beautiful fragrances in the DIOR portfolio, including the first DIOR ladies fragrance in 19 year JOY with UK and Ireland Fragrance Expert Ambassador Carl Groenewald.

A model makeup demonstration from Elena Costello of the Brown Thomas Beauty Style Team and discover the DIOR Backstage collection.

The new JOY by Dior fragrance is immediate, clear and generous. Joy is finally captured in a scent, marked by both enveloping softness and energy. An ode to pleasure and life. An Eau de Parfum illuminated by the vibrant smile of flowers and citrus fruits, the smooth caress of woods and the serenity of musks. A fragrance with a thousand nuances and facets, yet crystal-clear.

“JOY by Dior expresses this remarkable feeling of joy by offering an olfactive interpretation of light.” “This perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique. It is constructed with multiple nuances, a myriad of facets that lead to an expression that is clear and self-evident.” François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. Zested Bergamot and Mandarin explode in unison with flowers. Grasse Rose, in both Essence and Absolute form, as well as heady Jasmine, blend with these delectable fruits in a vibrant smile. Warm and creamy Sandalwood embraces us in softness. An intimate signature, the clear and powdery whisper of musks creates a tender and sensual skin-on-skin effect.

Its bottle is both luminous and precious. Its femininity shines through in the brilliant silver and radiant pink of this instantly attractive juice. A bright shining silver thread wraps around the lid, like a light jewel delicately engraved with its name, which curls around in a perfect O. For a ritual of pure pleasure and to prolong this moment of joy: 1. Apply JOY by Dior body milk. 2. Spray JOY by Dior onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears and on neck).

J’adore absolu Eau de Parfum is the new floral nectar by the House of Dior. The new fragrance is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents. The flowers of J’adore made into a nectar. Sun-drenched absolutes of Rose Centifolia, Grasse Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine and Indian Tuberose become honeyed and intertwine in a delectably plump and sensual composition.

“In the morning, Jasmine has livelier, almost blackcurrant accents. When picked, it gives itself over completely and delivers its animal-like power. In the cooler, humid air of evening, when it reopens, it unleashes extraordinary sensations. When the harvest is over, Jasmine can let go and become fuller and even more voluptuous. It diffuses its fruity, apricot accents. I wanted to embody all the beauty of these many facets.” François Demachy – Dior Perfumer-Creator. The J’adore absolu amphora is adorned with a new supple, almost fluid necklace, like a delicate jewel dancing around a woman’s neck, following her every movement.

HOW TO USE IT? For a sensorial ritual and absolute pleasure: 1. Apply J’adore beautifying body creme. 2. Spray J’adore absolu Eau de Parfum on pulse points. 3. Enhance with J’adore dry body oil.


A long-wearing matte lipstick with velvet colour.

WHAT IT DOES? Diorific, the legendary accessory with an Haute Couture finish, the signature of Dior glamour housed in a golden “jewel” case. Diorific lipstick dresses the lips in elegant, matte colours. A unique formula for rich shades with a luminous, long-wearing matte finish and perfectly shaped and lined lips that are captivatingly sophisticated.

HOW TO USE? 1. For lasting hold and definition, line your lips with the same shade of Dior Contour as your Diorific lipstick or colour in the lips with the pencil for a bolder makeup result and longer wear.  2. Next apply Diorific directly on the lips.

5 COULEURS Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition

An icon of the Dior look and a concentration of expertise in terms of colour and visual effects, the 5 Couleurs palette is reinvented. More creative than ever, with stronger pigments and richer effects, it allows women to explore every facet of colour and express every aspect of their personality. With the 5 Couleurs palette, self-expression is unlimited, creativity is unleashed and colour is more audacious than ever.

WHAT IT DOES? On the skin, the powder is imperceptible, and the colour fuses into an incredibly fine film with spectacular staying power. Matte, metallic, satiny, shiny, iridescent, glittery… effects reign supreme in the new 5 Couleurs palettes and make colours vibrate with multiple highlights. Each colour harmony was designed so that the effects and colours of one palette can be easily blended to create perfectly balanced makeup with the possibility of endless looks.

HOW TO USE? For a natural look Apply the medium shade on the entire eyelid with the round foam tip to open up the eyes, and then the darker shade along the lashline with the liner tip for definition. Using the brush, highlight with the lighter shade beneath the brow arch and at the inner corner of the eye to widen the eyes.

For a sophisticated look Apply the medium shade on the entire eyelid with the round foam tip to open up the eyes, and then the darker shade along the lashline with the liner tip for definition. Blend over the entire eyelid and outward using the brush. Use the round foam tip to highlight with the lighter shade beneath the brow arch and at the inner corner of the eye to create even greater contrast and structure.

DIORIFIC VERNIS Nail Polish Limited Edition

Vibrant and delicate shades of lacquer that can be paired with the Diorific lipsticks.

WHAT IT DOES? Diorific Vernis lacquers take a cue from the vibrancy of gems and the intense shine of precious stones. Shine. “Gel Coat” resins with intense purity combined with a Techno-Polymer transform each coat of enamel into a film as smooth and shiny as glass. Hold. Enriched with organic silicon, the new Dior Vernis strengthens the nail surface for extra-long wear. The Techno-Polymer creates a seamless bond between the nail and the enamel. For really long staying power. Feed your colour addiction with the new Dior Vernis, formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor.

HOW TO USE? 1. Start with a thin coat of Base Coat Abricot. 2. Apply an initial, very thin coat of Diorific Vernis, starting in the center of the nail and then continuing to the sides. Follow with a second, more generous coat to add depth to the colour. 3. Maximise the colour’s shine with a coat of Diorific Top Coat Midnight Wish.

ROUGE BLUSH Midnight Wish

Rouge Blush is showered with stars to dust the cheeks with a golden shimmer.

WHAT IT DOES? This holiday season, the limited-edition Rouge Blush celebrates Christian Dior’s lucky star. The texture fuses with the skin for buildable coverage. This luminous shade dusts the cheeks with a golden shimmer. The finishing touch to your Christmas makeup look.  001: A golden shade with a cosmic glow

HOW TO USE? 1. Use Blush Brush N°16 to apply Rouge Blush from the top of your cheekbone, then moving down.  2. Blend on the apples of your cheeks using a circular motion. 3. For a sculpting highlighter effect, apply the blush at the top of your cheekbone, then blend out toward the temple and over the brow arch.

ROUGE DIOR Jewel Lipstick

The iconic Dior lipstick with delicate stars on the band and a stick engraved with a wish.

WHAT IT DOES? To celebrate the season, Rouge Dior has been released in a festive collector’s edition featuring a band set with stars and a stick engraved with a wish: “Love”, “Faith”, Luck”, “Bliss”. Bold and bright couture colours and optimal, long-lasting comfort, in both matte and satin finish. The voluptuous Rouge Dior formula provides 16 hours* of comfort without drying the lips or streaking the colours, in both the matte and satin finish alike. The formula is enriched with natural mango butter for its moisturising power, aroleat samphira for its revitalising action, hyaluronic acid spheres for their filling properties, Decox for a volumizing effect on the surface of the lips and Lipexel™ to provide lipid-restoring action. This holiday season, Dior is granting women’s wishes with the Rouge Dior Jewel Edition in 4 iconic shades:  080 Red Smile: Bright red, satin finish  772 Classic Matte: Rosewood, matte finish 434 Promenade: Rosy Nude, satin finish  999: Iconic red, satin finish

HOW TO USE? 1. Start by lining the lips with Dior Contour.  2. For perfectly even results, next apply Rouge Dior Midnight Wish with the Backstage Lip Brush working from the centre of the lips outwards.  3. For a bolder colour finish, apply the lipstick directly on the lips.

Thanks to the Dior Brown Thomas team for a great Masterclass.

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