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A Monumental Canvas by Yoshitomo Nara Sells for $25 Million in Hong Kong, Shattering the Artist’s Previous Auction Record

A work by the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara sold for nearly $25 million at Sotheby’s contemporary evening sale in Hong Kong on Saturday, smashing the artist’s previous auction record by a factor of five. As protesters flooded the streets of central Hong Kong over the weekend, the sale carried on—and, perhaps surprisingly, outperformed expectations.

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Art Industry News: A Greeting Card Company Escalates Its Feud With Bansky, Accusing Him of ‘Tricking Fans’ + Other Stories

Plus, UK museums double down on oil sponsorship and the New York Times looks at why Russian oligarch are funding US museums.

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artnet News Afternoon Edition - See the Mona Lisa's New Look


After Her Trip to Another Gallery Sowed Chaos, Mona Lisa Is Back in Her Home at the Louvre—Only It’s Gotten a Complete Makeover

The Mona Lisa‘s home has gotten a makeover.

The Louvre’s most famous painting was reinstalled in its longtime gallery in the museum’s Salle des États overnight on Monday. The Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece had been on a staycation in another room, the Galerie Médicis, for a rocky two months while her permanent residence underwent renovations.

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Vienna Contemporary Has a New Look and New Leadership, But It Remains a Staid, Regional Fair

What’s in a name? The art fair viennacontemporary has emerged from an exercise in dramatic renaming and rebranding, but years on—not to belabor the Shakespearean analogy—is the aroma really any different?

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