Touba London – Favourite brands & key components to TOUBA LONDON

For the celebration of TOUBA LONDON’s 15th Anniversary, they are excited to welcome back some of the favourite brands who have been key components to TOUBA LONDON’s growth over the years and are grateful of their ongoing support.



Started by London based designer Nicholas Hutchinson-
Little_Brownings showcases a curated selection of hard to find militaria, vintage sportswear and archival designer menswear that is made available to fashion designers, stylists and other industry professionals for use as research and inspiration.

Travelling globally throughout his career collecting unique pieces of clothing for professional and personal use Nicholas Hutchinson developed a passion for the utilitarian beauty of functional clothing. He not only gathers together unique pieces of historical clothing but merchandises this seasonally with selected garments from the archives of contemporary designers who themselves have been inspired by these same sources highlighting the lineage and inter- connectivity of good design.

The collection primarily focuses on outerwear but also includes, knits, jersey and accessories and offers myriad opportunities for research into detail and styling interpretations, fabric, colour developments and other design inspiration.

Little_Brownings offers a discreet and personal service to all clients with the range being split between purchase and rental.


KNITBRARY is Nostalgic Knit Couture, the return to the knit as a unique piece. A knit created of premium yarns, found in the Peruvian Andes and made with time and great care to be worn a lifetime, and remembered in the stories told tomorrow.

Founded by Yolanda Estévez and Pedro Castellanos, KNITBRARY came into being in July 2011 out of a need to create with thought and responsibility, which is at the heart of our concept. Composed of the words knit and library it is a commitment to creating an archive of the world’s finest yarns.

KNITBRARY stands for humility and austerity. Emotions conveyed through color, texture and the stories behind the pieces. The designs give prominence to the quality through patterns, volumes and extraordinary color palettes.

True luxury is silent and cannot always be spotted at first sight; behind what is visible to the eye, there is time, dedication, craftsmanship, emotion and so much more. KNITBRARY must be felt and understood.



by Knitbrary

is simplicity.
Innately genderless.

Artisanal built.
100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

A series of multifunctional & utilitarian pieces with an individual character


Sam and Shaka founded the ACF in order to circulate sartorial nourishment, oxygenating time-based projects through dynamic collaborations with different creatives in their network.

The A.C.F.’s network continues to both define and redefine the real ACF with Lambert and Maidoh dedicated to pumping the day- to-day lifeblood through its ever expanding creative corpo partly by provoking their peers with specific creative concepts. The particular magnetism that binds together individual contributors to the ACF and its projects comes directly from their shared admiration of craftsmanship’s history and their dedication to its future.

Art comes First proposes that this blend of ingredients can become the center of a meta-art form to provide protection, nurture and galvanization for other forms of expression in Art. Photography, painting, performance…. – any form of expression concerned with alchemical process of transforming the base experience into the more sublime, even divine, alloy stair-steps of a particular man’s independent accession full potential. Like raw plants into fibers. Like modest fibers into yarn. Like yarns into cloth, like cloth style. Fashion maybe suffers from a reputation as art’s most shallow valued cousin, but that is only because it is being abused. The A.C.F. is not about fashion in that way. It is about something else entirely. The nobility of the striving we fulfil our responsibility to inspire one another.


After 12 years tenure with the house of Valentino in Italy, Christian Sneum recently returned to Denmark, his native country. His namesake menswear brand was launched in AW19 and seeks to establish a permanent “baseline” for menswear that does not fluctuate much over time. A line that identifies and link objects of great design, rooted in history, conceived for a utilitarian purpose and has stood the test of time, making them just as relevant today as they were at their inception.

Through his Scandinavian optics and contemporary approach he draws much of his stylistic inspiration from Americana iconography, in particular during the counterculture movements of the 60s and 70s. Most noticeably their adaption of western wear but also military and hunting references are amongst important influences. This stems from a profound personal interest in the cultural, political and demographic dynamics of that time. The counterculture movements evolved to become the most important influencer on popular culture and arts around the world and still casts a long sartorial shadow on present day men’s wear.


Dineh Jewelry by Samantha Platero; collaborating with Navajo artisans to create handmade jewelry using the highest quality materials and stones. Each piece is unique and reflects traditional techniques with a modern vision.

Born into a family with a long tradition of silversmithing that goes back to Samantha’s great-great grandfather Pablo Platero, who was a well-known silversmith with great talent. This craft was then passed down to her late grandfather Ramon Platero (son of Pablo) who continued making handcrafted jewelry with his wife Louise Platero.

Both of Samantha’s grandparents were both well respected silversmiths and known for their trademark; the holly leaf. The leaf later influenced other silversmith’s to incorporate the leaf design in Native American jewelry. Both of her grandparents made jewelry and tended to their farm as a way of life.


MARCHE NOIR is a brand created in Lome with social responsible aspect of the Parisian based creator. Digging deep into African weaving technics to create a modern look from those traditional cloths & silhouettes.

The reinvention of those styles is the way the brand keeps his heart beat in the continent, while the soul travels through the rest of the world, painting clouds in very colourful clean flowing air.

The connection of the both world is very important for the brand, his inspiration comes from the constant travels, the designer does every season back & forth home to develop his sustainable product with local artisans.



Rooted in art, history & culture, ALMASIKA sits at the meeting point of a thousand influences. We embrace the traditions of the wider world to create sculptural jewelry inspired by the universal symbols, shapes and stories that transcend cultural boundaries.

Softness and curves are a signature, echoing the lines of the body. Necklaces undulate delicately, bracelets twine, earrings nestle. The pieces come to life on contact with the body, and are designed to take you through the day and into the evening.

Contemplation, reflection, and discussion form the triple foundation of the ALMASIKA approach. From architects and art historians to engineers and artisans, cultural craftspeople act both as interlocutors and sources of inspiration, setting in motion an artistic and intellectual dialogue. Each has contributed to the genesis of the house’s powerful contemporary jewelry.


Kayoung Kim, designer of BEAUTON, majored in Sculpture and had been working as a fashion buyer in Seoul for many years. Combining her eye for tactile, sculptural objects, and knowledge of the wholesale/buying industry,
she has just successfully launched her first Jewelry collection in 2016.

BEAUTON’s inspiration stems from objects found in daily life, catching and matching sculptural elements with a beautiful tone. Each piece is simple, centralizing on the sculptural element through the use of refined lines and curves.

Think pared-down accessories yet still impactful enough to turn up the everyday.


 no one paris

Under the impulse of Nikolà DHEGBO, founder and artistic director, no / one was born in 2013.
no / one offers a unisex dressing room with a series of prints playing around the codes of the identification: no / one is to be everyone and nobody at once, child of the new street chic, no / one takes sides for Urban elegance by targeting the “casual chic” enthusiasts.

2015 marks the beginning of an exclusive collaboration with Colette, for the 18 years of the famous concept store, with a limited edition model.

Four years after its inception, the brand has enjoyed continued growth and international reach, supported by a presence in several concept stores throughout the world, such as France / Japan / Morocco / Denmark / Korea / Usa.

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