FUENF FASHION – the nexus of fashion and digital culture

At the nexus of fashion and digital culture is FUENF. Since its creation in 2016, the Berlin-based fashion brand oscillates between street style and timeless elegance while maintaining an ethos of craftsmanship and sustainability. Its founder, the Russian born designer Ekaterina Zdanowicz-Musina, has created since then a number of dystopian collections using fabric and colour as the driving force behind her pieces. Inspired by sub-cultures such as goth or e-boys and girls, Zdanowicz-Musina is also involved in varied musical scenes and these elements bleed through in her designs. 

Among all the means that creators have to translate a feeling or a message into material clothing that inspires, colour and contrast remain the most direct, the most instinctive, the most universal. FUENF is working to that end exactly and the result is breath-taking. Below are a few pieces from their current collection which I got to see at FAEX who has supported the brand for about two years. 
Skirt or trousers ? Optical illusions through clever colour contrasts and precise cuts dominate this look. Paired with the right long coat, accessories and shoes, such unique pieces would create a show stopping silhouette at a cocktail party or a dinner.
We are faced here with a splendid sculptural turtleneck dress. The counter-intuitive prints and shapes make for a rather flattering silhouette. I especially love the inverses symmetry between the upper body and the lower body.
Pynck loves the top on this look; a black and white short-sleeved crop top strikingly geometrical. The angled sleeves soften the silhouette and echo the white band on the lower part of the piece. The result is very artistic, almost photographical. To pick up on their website !



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