Cannes Cinéma – Une nouvelle semaine de cinéma

Cinema to see and review
in partnership with Cannes Bel Age
Sessions at 2:30 p.m .:
Monday February 24 – Alexandre III
Tuesday February 25 – La Licorne

d’Amanda Sthers
France, 2017, 1h30, vf

A wealthy American couple recently settled in Paris invites twelve handpicked guests to a large dinner. But when Madame realizes that a thirteenth place setting is set for Steven, son of a first marriage for Monsieur, she panics. She asks Maria, her servant, to impersonate a rich Spanish friend…

Prices: from 2.50 € to 4.50 € (full price)

Rossy de Palma amazing in this comedy


in partnership with the Cannes Film Club
Tuesday February 25 – 7:30 p.m. – La Licorne

Shirley, a journey into the painting of Edward Hopper
by Gustav Deutsch
Austria, 2014, 1h33, vostf

A tribute to the painting of Edward Hopper and to the United States from the 1930s to 1960s. An impressive reconstruction of paintings coming to life in the social, political and cultural context, through the gaze of the female character, Shirley. A unique work, a true meeting of cinema and painting.

Prices: from 2.50 € to 6.50 € (full price)

A stunning and fascinating work


Children’s Wednesday

Wednesday February 26 – 10 a.m. – La Licorne

Les Ritournelles de la chouette
France, Belgium, 2018, 48 min, French version,
from 3 years

Five stories with refrains, five tales where the little ones help the big ones, where the turtles are courageous and where gold does not make happiness. These short films offer children the reassuring pleasure of rehearsal but also titillate curiosity, because their refrains evolve with suspense towards a surprising ending…

Single price: € 2.50

A beautiful program of five refrain stories



Many screenings in different rooms in Cannes,
a Festival not to be missed!




Dear audience, change of program for the Cinema see and review sessions of Monday March 9 (Alex III) and Tuesday March 10 (Licorne).
The film BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY will be replaced by another film, announced soon.


CANNESERIES season 3: from Friday March 27 to Wednesday April 1

The third edition of the international series festival, CANNESERIES, is approaching and will take place this year from March 27 to April 1. Cannes Cinéma is collaborating again this year with CANNESERIES, to allow as many people as possible to benefit from this new international event around series. We would like to invite amateurs and neophytes to it!

All sessions and events offered as part of CANNESERIES are free.
ticket office open on March 5, 2020 on

More information soon!

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