Step up your winter walk style 

Step up your winter walk style 

There is absolutely nothing worse than being cooped up for the season. But sometimes the weather isn’t all that inviting. If you find yourself eager to get out but put off by the coldness, it is time to step up your outdoor clothing and get out for some refreshing winter walks!

A famous saying in Norwegian goes along the lines of “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” and it’s true! A chill in the air will certainly not stop a Norwegian taking a hike! So don’t let it stop you from taking a walk!

First up we want to look at base layers, and we live this cashmere roll neck. Wear over a thermal for an extra layer. Next we suggest adding a beautiful country jacket. We love Barbour for these, and they certainly hold that true British country vibe. Next add a hat and scarf. We have both a woolly hat and a fedora.

Next some sturdy jeans. We have gone for these stunning skinnies, so that they are easily tuck-able into boots. Walking or wellie boots? Both. You need both! We love the hunter wellies, and the below walking boots make a great option.

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