Top Jewellery Trends from the New York Javits Trade Show

ER-54B-Arabesque-Kaleido- earrings Sicic cropped.bmp

RN-97B-Arabesque-Kaleido-1 ring sicis cropped.bmp

Micromosaic masterpiece jewellery by SICIS Jewels

Bold color, intricate, masterly crafting of tiny glass mosaics, where else but from Italy? Arabesque Kaleido Earrings and ring are perfect examples of the brilliant, vibrant, statement jewellery trend. White gold, diamonds, rubies and Italian glass micromosaics, some as small as a millimeter. Using a technique that dates back to the 7th century, the modern, stunning designs pack a powerful punch. As single earrings are also a popular trend, why not buy a pair of incredible earrings and wear just one when you feel like working that look? Versatility, we love it.

nc_63_quetzal_sdw1 Sicis necklace pynck.jpg

rn-71-quetzal-stl1-bort Sicis ring pynck cropped.jpg

Quetzal necklace and ring, inspired by one of the most beautiful birds on Earth. Yellow gold, titanium, diamonds and tiny mosaics fashioned into gemstone feathers and a majestic little bird by SICIS Jewels. This is jewellery that commands attention.

cuffs Evocateur pynck.htm

Cuffs galore by ÉVOCATEUR

Gazing at the amazing cuff styles by this U.S. jewellery designer is like being a kid in a candy shop. Everything looks so delicious, you want them all, how can you choose? Handmade by skilled artisans who apply gilded 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf to art applied brass cuffs. The magnificent color trend continues.

Hip to be square cuff, Evocateur cuff pynck.JPG


Hip to be Square cuff, so cool, colorful and joyful.

Boticelli cuff pynck.JPG

Botticelli Venus Cuff, goddess worthy jewellery.

Blue Jay cuff Evocateur pynck.JPG

Blue Jay Branch Cuff. Wear this cuff and it’s always spring.

Malacite cuff Evocateur pynck.JPG

Malachite 1.5″ Corset Cuff. Ancient meets contemporary with Swarovski crystal details.

Farbod gold ring pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Farbod gold ring side pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Waves of molten 18k gold. Ring by Farbod Jewellery Legacy Collection

Striking sculptural elements mixed with texture was another strong trend presented by many of the jewelers of the NY Show. The work of this innovative designer would look perfectly appropriate in a contemporary art museum.

Farbod blk pearl ring (2) cropped.jpg

Farbod blk pearl ring side (2) cropped.jpg

The Pheme ring by Farbod. Luminous black Tahitian pearl and sparkling diamond set in 18k gold. A tiny, breathtaking sculpture for your finger. Another super strong jewellery trend: pearls. Pearls in every shape and size in earrings, necklaces, rings and yes, pearl jewelry for men. Hide your granny’s pearl necklaces ladies, or even better, share them.

Farbod key pendant and earrings pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Farbod “Answer” Pendant unisex necklace and earrings


The key to the question of the universe? Farbod’s got the answer. Feminine silhouette pendant and earrings in 18k gold.

A chic symbol of female empowerment, a talisman. Iconic pendants with powerful messages were another important trend.

jcm London pynck green earrings swirl.JPG

JCM London, earrings that seem like they were just pulled out of the ocean, dripping with sea water and ready to put on. For all wanna be mermaids and mere mortals alike. JCM jewellery is crafted by using high quality CZ, and the deep silver-grey of hematite, keeping these fantastic gems affordable.

jcm london purple earrings pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Stunning color, natural pearls, wow statement earrings. JCM London

jcm London chain earrings pynck blue (2) cropped.JPG

JCM London chain bracelet pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Must have trend, mega-chains. JCM London

Although the petite and dainty jewellery trend can still be found, it’s the bold and audacious gems that take center stage. Jumbo, chunky chains are the new look.

Lika Behar oxidized silver cuff pynck (2) cropped.png

Lika Behar cuff

Fabulous cuff bracelet by Lika Behar features another much spotted trend, oxidized sterling silver. Oxidizing the silver creates a completely different vibe to these pieces. In this case, the rich tones of the labradorite, moonstone and grey diamonds are highlighted by the deep patina of the silver.

Lika Behar abalone ring pynck cropped.png

Abalone and oxidized silver ring, Lika Behar

Lika Behar turq hoops pynck (2) cropped.png

Big hoops are still up-trending. Oxidized sterling and turquoise by Lika Behar

Born in Istanbul, Lika Behar combines the ancient artistry of jewels crafted thousands of years ago with today’s modern sensibilities. These pieces would look stunning on Cleopatra as well as on any working gal hopping onto the bus on her way to the office.

Lika Behar asst pendants blues and greens cropped.png

Assorted gemstone pendants by Lika Behar

Although bold and spectacular color combinations were seen throughout the show offerings, all variations of blue and green hues stood as the up-trending colors for 2020-2021. The energizing colors of spring, of the ocean’s waves and the fresh greens of fragrant living things were everywhere. These clean, cool colors are invigorating, uplifting and symbolic of new growth. Vibrant hues reminiscent of the lush greens of the Emerald Isle.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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