Latest research from Triton Showers reveals that we love to multitask while washing

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What really happens in the shower?

The latest research from Triton Showers reveals that we love to multitask while washing

The survey of 2,000 adults, which looked into showering habits, found going to the toilet and having sex all featured in the top ten showering tasks, alongside dancing or even taking a phone call.

With lifestyles becoming ever more hectic, more than a third of adults reported not having enough time in their day to get everything done, resulting in having to do more than one thing at the same time. In fact, one in ten people confessed to washing items of clothing in the shower while some more unusual tasks included washing a pet, doing exercises and yoga as well as watching a TV show.

Interestingly however, just under half use the time to think, with 12 per cent admitting to having made a life changing decision in the bathroom. One in five adults also said that they contemplate the meaning of life while lathering up.

Food is never far from our thoughts either, with more than half of adults stating that they use their time in the shower to think about the contents of their next grocery shop or what they’ll cook for dinner. Sadly, nearly half of those surveyed believe their lives are too busy, with 62 per cent saying time in the shower is the only chance they get to switch off.

Tina Simpson at Triton Showers, commented: “Working in the plumbing industry, it’s easy to think we know everything about our customers, which is why research like this is so interesting. Whereas the bathroom is usually seen as an area of respite, our hectic day-to-day lives means sometimes the precious few minutes we have in the shower are now being taken over by a range of other tasks besides cleaning ourselves.”

“Crucially, whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night, the research highlights that showers remain a key part of people’s day.” Using this space daily means having a shower space that you can love and enjoy – for more images and details on the Triton Shower range see here.


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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