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Surrounded by a pile of towels destroyed by hair colour in her college bathroom in 2003, Anne Butterly thought it would be great if someone could come up with a hygienic, disposable and affordable product to use on hair after it had been coloured. And from that thought Easydry towels were born and are used by hairdressers up and down the country.

Up until now, Easydry towels have only been available in professional hair salon settings however due to consumer demand, the disposable towel expert has launched a range of products ideally suited to family life. In bustling family homes where the dishwashers and washing machines are constantly on the go, single-use or single user bath and hand towels are great way to address hygiene concerns at home. Not to mention a great and practical solution for drying off your dog quickly and to protect the surroundings from wet shake off.

Easydry towels are made from a unique material constructed using naturally bacteria-resistant fibres. These fibres inhibit bacteria growth without the use of chemical additives. The fibres themselves are produced in a way that allows them to absorb moisture directly from the skin and transport it to the inside of the fibre, where it is retained, preventing bacteria growth. Patented UATT™ multi-layer technology also makes Easydry strong, while it is up to three times more absorbent and softer than a cotton towel.

These disposable towels are FSC Certified meaning they are made from trees in sustainably managed areas, they are also 100% compostable as is their packaging. The towels and packaging can be disposed of in your compost (brown) bin and break down just 12 weeks after use!

The Easydry Consumer Range includes:

Hand Towel Pack: 100 Easydry Medium towels for just €99/ £90. Provide each member of the household their own individual hand / hair towel and simply throw away after use.

Bath Towel Pack: a box with 50 Easydry Bath / Shower Towels (80x135cm) for just €99/ £90. Provide each family member their own towel without the hassle of washing bulky cotton bath towels at high temperatures. This is a great way to ensure towel hygiene at home for every member of the family.

Home Haircare Pack: 50 Easydry Hair Towels (80x43cm) and 5 Easydry Shoulder Capes (80x55cm) for just €50/£45. The home haircare pack is ideal for home hair treatments like hair masks or oil treatments and home hair colouring. These products protect clothing during home treatments and are eco-friendly. Why not have a chat with your hairdresser about the products and treatments you should be using to maintain your hair until you can get back in the salon chair!

To order Easydry Towels for your family call 042 938 1963.

All deliveries are via An Post and take 1-2 working days.

About Easydry

Multi award-winning Easydry is a new-generation textile made from 100 per cent natural fibres. Innovative and highly functional, it guarantees complete hygiene and environmental sustainability.

Hand Towel Pack: 100 Easydry Medium towels for just €99/ £90

Bath Towel Pack: 50 Easydry Bath / Shower Towels (80x135cm) for just €99/ £90.

Home Haircare Pack: 50 Easydry Hair Towels (80x43cm) and 5 Easydry Shoulder Capes (80x55cm). for just €50/£45.

Easydry was the first ever disposable eco-friendly towel, invented by Anne Butterly almost ten years ago. What began as a range of products to enable businesses across the globe to reduce their carbon footprint while providing a cleaner, smarter service to clients and members is now available for consumers.

Every towel is 100% biodegradable, made from natural wood fibres sourced in a sustainable way and transformed into towels using eco-friendly processes. Easydry is the only disposable towel to have been awarded the highly recognizable FSC certification.

Website: www.easydry.com

Email: info@easydry.com

Telephone (Global): +353 (0) 42 939 4318

Telephone (UK): 0845 300 7764 (UK Lo Call)

Telephone (USA): 612.384.4409

Facebook: www.facebook.com/easydry

Twitter: @easydryintl or www.twitter.com/easydryintl

Instagram: www.instagram.com/easydry or @easydry




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