What to wear in the Garden During Lockdown – Floral Dresses


What to wear in the Garden During Lockdown

One massive positive to come out of the whole, uncertain situation at the moment is the fine weather that we are having. And with being stuck inside for what seems like an eternity, we have been seriously inspired by all of the beauty outside. The beautiful green canopies in the countryside, the adorable daisies and buttercup meadows, and the stunning flowers that have all come into bloom. Perhaps this is why, quite honestly, all we want to do at the moment, is get out in the garden, with a glass of Rosè and a stunning light and easy floral dress on. Any excuse now to get dressed up!

The high street have so much on offer at the moment, so we have curated a few of our favourites (there is a topshop number in there that is a hands-down winner. It’s super flattering and comfortable).

Pair with a comfy pair of slip on shoes and a glass of Mirabeau! Cheers!

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