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Summer is here – and with it comes BBQs and cocktails. But with cocktails come calories. So if you’re worried about piling on the pounds, look no further. Skinny Tonics is a zero-calorie mixer brand with a new range of flavoured tonic waters that don’t contain sugar. Here’s why they taste so good, the new flavours to try and a special discount code for SL readers…

Skinny Tonics has unveiled a series of new exotic flavours for the summer, so cocktail lovers can enjoy a G&T laced with tastes of the Mediterranean or recreate an espresso martini with a homemade vodka and coffee tonic. Adapting the trend for flavoured gins, Skinny Tonics’ new selection consists of eight flavours – Classic Indian Tonic, Aromatic, Ginger Ale, Clear Coffee, Mediterranean, Cucumber, British Raspberry and Light Citrus.

The Skinny Tonics range of sugar-free tonic water was created by Ian Minton, a type-1 diabetic, who identified a gap in the market for a natural, zero-calorie and zero-sugar tonic that wouldn’t cause a blood sugar spike. Unable to find a tonic water – even slimline – without either hidden sugar or artificial sweeteners, he teamed up with Steve Wilkinson to produce one themselves, and Skinny Tonic was born. The brand’s mixers contain zero calories, no sugar and nothing artificial, with the sweetness coming from natural plant extract, stevia. Each mixer is made with spring water from Shropshire and is packaged in fully recyclable aluminium cans in a plastic-free factory in Liverpool.

The Flavours To Try…

Light Citrus, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

Billed as a ‘hybrid tonic’, Light Citrus is where soda meets tonic to deliver a fresh-tasting blend of fresh zesty lemon and bitter orange. This sophisticated tonic works brilliantly with vodka and a slice of lime for a citrus-filled finish.

Available here

British Raspberries, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

Using succulent British raspberries, lemon and bitter orange, this fruity blend is packed with flavour and works well with just about anything but especially berry-based cocktails.

Available here

Classic Indian Tonic, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

By blending the soft bitterness of quinine with botanical ingredients and Staffordshire spring water, this original tonic water has zero calories, zero sugar and nothing artificial. It has a clean, crisp character, with notes of Sicilian lemon, bitter orange and thyme.

Available here

Clear Coffee, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

Something of a gamechanger, this tonic water fuses the soft bitterness of quinine with the distinctive notes of Arabica coffee beans. This a sophisticated tonic for those that wish to explore the boundaries of gin blending – and, when combined with vodka – creates a fuss-free take on an espresso martini.

Available here

Aromatic, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

Blended with botanical essences and spices, such as cardamom, pimento berry and warm ginger, this is a sophisticated tonic water which works well with all types of gins.

Available here

Skinny Med, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

A fresh blend of flowers, fruit and herbs found on the shores of the Mediterranean coast, this delicate tonic water has a floral finish. Expect key notes of citrus, thyme and sweet basil.

Available here

Ginger Ale, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

This mixer contains a blend of premium gingers, gentle botanicals and fiery scotch bonnet to produce a natural ginger ale made with Staffordshire spring water and a hint of Persian lime.

Available here

Cucumber, £15 for 24 x 150ml cans

This well-balanced tonic has a soft bitterness of quinine and Staffordshire spring water mixed with the crisp notes of cucumber essence. Perfect for a hit of summer in a glass.

Available here

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