Kevin Murphy Steps Forward To A Sustainable Future

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Eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans ever year, that equates to 150 million tons of plastic littering out oceans. In 2018 beauty brand KEVIN.MURPHY decided to make their bottles with 100% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP). By creating OWP bottles KEVIN.MURPHY is helping to clean up the overwhelming amount of plastic in our oceans. Every time a bottle is packaged from OWP instead of regular plastic it is the equivalent of removing 3-4 plastic bags from the ocean!

The Process

The Process

We are seeing throughout the beauty industry brands have committed to using 25% or 30% OWP in their packaging which is an amazing step to saving our oceans. KEVIN.MURPHY has become our hair care over achiever by making 100% of their products from 100% OWP. These means that the caps, pumps, over-caps and more are OWP!

Next year alone KEVIN.MURPHY will produce 14.5 million pieces of plastic in the making of their bottles next year from ocean waste, that means they will be lifting 360 tons of plastic from the oceans and rivers. That is the equivalent of removing 14 million plastic bottles from the ocean, incredible!

Studies show that by the year 2050 there will more plastic than fish in our oceans. The large amount of plastic in our ocean is leading to irreversible damage to our environment and will continue to if we don’t start finding and using alternatives like OWP. The beauty industry is a huge contributor to the 8 million plus tons of waste being dumped into our oceans each year, so this industry seems like a good place to start the change!


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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