Artnet News – What Murdoch’s Past Means for Art Basel’s Future

What Defines a Museum? The Question Has Thrown the World’s Leading Professional Organization Into Turmoil

This year has been one of reckoning for museums, as they face unprecedented economic hardship as well as pressure to improve their treatment of workers and to diversify their programming and staffs.

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As Fallout From the Inigo Philbrick Scandal Rages on, Investors Go to Court to Claim Ownership of a $12 Million Twice-Sold Basquiat Painting

Investors and collectors are trying to untangle the mess left by the indicted dealer.

A legal fight over who owns an eight-figure Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, Humidity (1982), is heating up as a billionaire collector and a high-profile lender battle it out in federal court. The case is yet another part of the stunning fallout of disgraced dealer Inigo Philbrick’s massive alleged fraud, which has left his former clients scrambling to recover money and assets

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What I Buy & Why: Collector Beth Rudin DeWoody on How She’s Satisfying Her Art-Buying Addiction During Lockdown

Collecting art has been a passion for Beth Rudin DeWoody for half a century, and she has over 10,000 paintings, sculptures, design objects, furniture, and other assorted artworks to show for it—plus a private art facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Bunker, which opened in December 2017.

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The Gray Market: What James Murdoch’s Other Investments Tell Us About the Future of Art Basel (and Other Insights)

Columnist examines the portfolio of the MCH Group’s new “anchor shareholder” for clues about what might be next for its art properties.

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The Art Industry Has Been Too Slow to Embrace VR Technology. Here’s How It Can Support—and Shape—the Market

As a whole, we in the art world value creativity as our number one mandate, yet our business models have not matched the technological advances of the last few decades. Because of privacy concerns around the collecting and selling of artwork, the majority of the industry has resisted adopting digital sales platforms until now, when it has become a necessity for survival.

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After Closing His Berlin Museum, Renowned Collector Thomas Olbricht Is Selling More Than 500 Works From His Collection

German collector Thomas Olbricht has been doing some housekeeping. After announcing the closure of his Berlin museum earlier this summer, the Essen-based scientist and doctor has announced plans to unload some 500 works of art this fall, including many pieces from his eccentric cabinet of curiosities.

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Phillips Has Debuted a New Market-Tracking Tool Called ‘Articker’ to Chart Artists’ Media Coverage

Tracking an individual artist’s market usually involves a mix of instinct, networking, and research—particularly when it’s an up-and-coming name.

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