PATA to collaborate on plastic pollution solutions

PATA, the Pacific Asia Travel Association has just signed on to the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative led by the United Nations Environment Programme and World Tourism Organisation in collaboration with the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

The Initiative brings the tourism sector together to address the causes of plastic pollution in concert with global business and governments towards recycling while encouraging the reduction and recycling of plastics.

PATA has signed on with the United Nations to address plastic pollution across the Pacific tourism region.


PATA chief executive officer Dr Mario Hardy has said that the agreement with the Initiative is an endorsement for addressing the root cause of plastic pollution.

“We encourage all of our members, partners and affiliated organisations and businesses to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative,” said Dr Mario Hardy. “Together through each of our individual commitments we can overcome the plastic challenge.”

The United Nations agreement plans to reduce plastic pollution by 2025, including on shore waste


The UN Global Tourism Plastics Initiative aims to stop plastic pollution by 2025 while reducing the production of additional new plastic. Global tourism industries are becoming more and more committed to recirculating existing plastics while encouraging a decrease in production.

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