Beach Bunny Brings its Resort ’21 Collection to PARAISO’s Digital Hub

Adapting to these curios times, Beach Bunny brought its Resort ‘21 collection to fruition through PARAISO’s Digital Hub. “It started way before Covid hit. We looked at everything again, changing our color palette. We added optimism with a neon pink. You’ll see a lot of the BB bestsellers, and some news styles. Stays very true to the BB aesthetic. We couldn’t believe what kind of pivot PARAISO made, and we honestly think everyone should be doing it,” stated founder and CEO, Angela Chittenden, in our late afternoon conversation. “This year has been extremely challenging. It forced every business to learn how to do more with less. Relationships built over time helped us get through it.”

P: What was your inspiration for the first Beach Bunny collection?

A: My inspiration for the very first Beach Bunny collection was definitely bringing the bedroom to the beach! Very lingerie inspired and incorporating beautiful French laces as an overlay on swimwear. I was a swimwear model, knew that wasn’t anything sexy and classy in the market yet.

P: How did the process of entering the swimwear market look at that time?

A: At the time I entered the swimwear market, social media did not exist and the only way to get your brand if front of anyone was in the wholesale trade show markets or a print publication such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.   It’s very different now because young designers have the opportunity to go DTC a little easier through IG and/or e commerce.  You are able to test styles DTC as well as wholesale markets!

P: How has your approach to launching your collection changed during this year?

A: For the first time, we launched our virtual runway show in partnership with PARAISO and are partnering with Joor on showcasing the Spring 2021 collection on their platform, so buyers and accounts have a chance to view and buy straight from home.  It’s been such an interesting year. I truly believe that the combination of both the in-person wholesale markets and fashion shows paired with virtual events by PARAISO and great virtual selling platforms will be the wave of the future.

P: If you could give an advice to an up and coming designer, what would it be?

A: Find a way to get direct to consumer, don’t give up. Nowadays it’s very different, when we were launching wholesale was the whole thing. I didn’t come from a fashion background; I was studying criminal theory. There was a learning curve with the business side.

I started in my garage in California. After a year or two, I moved into a small office. It eventually became a family business.

Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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