Vivienne Westwood – Digital Collection Launch S/S2021

Our collections are Unisex, our fashion always takes its cue from traditional English tailoring – Savile row – fine-knit twinset and pearls for men or better still just the button-up cardigan, bare chest. 

Buy less, dress up, swap clothes. It is always street theatre, we play around with size of detail, collars, turn-ups, pockets, buttons, ties, accessories; size of graphics – giant pin-stripes, giant spots or spots so tiny they look like a dust of colour, flowers. Dress for the time of day, or don’t dress for the time of day – wear your evening clothes to the office if you go back to work, mix seasons – our aim is to show only one collection a year. 


Chrissie Hynde prints – great voice, great guitar, punks together. Chrissie and I have been friends for years. She paints, Andreas had the idea to use her paintings for prints. She would have given them to us, instead we donated to her charity,  – a farm which doesn’t kill the cow. Did you know Ox means castrated bull? The little dears have a wonderful life of leisure, not much work for them but they love it. We both support Farms Not Factories.  


Artist, Anthony Newton – coping with a severe long-term illness, he’s a real achiever. I think his drawing could be exhibited altogether as a mural, and I would like to suggest a project to him as an artist: draw trees. A camera can never show what it means to be next to a tree. We think his work looks like lace and has a trompe l’oeil effect on our dresses.”


-Vivienne Westwood


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