October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and events are happening around the world, albeit on a virtual basis this year and anything goes from virtual walks and Zoom style events organised with local and national cancer charities in line with social distancing guidelines for donations that generally support vital ongoing research towards finding a cure.

Lingerie by Ana Ono provides solutions to the changes brought by breast cancer surgery


Meanwhile for the men and women who have received such a lifechanging diagnosis there is a lot out there to feel better about in spite of the changes happening to hair, skin and nails.

“Chemo made my nails look awful all the way down to my nail bed,” said cancer survivor La’Kesha Jackson-Gordon. “Then I discovered that a white base coat would cover the discolouration and I could paint over it with any shade I wanted.”

Suburban Turban is one brand that is supplying headgear for breast cancer patients


For La’Kesha and others like her the advice is to paint with caution using water-based lacquer. Try Suncoat at https://suncoatproducts.com or Acquarella at https://acquarella.com.

Invest in new lingerie: AnaOno accepts prescriptions for prostheses that can be sewn into lingerie. The company designs undergarments, loungewear and swimwear for breast cancer survivors, and is online at https://www.anaono.com.

Radiation treatment can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Try Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar which is available through most good stockists or for a real boost, the CeraVe Moisturising skincare line at https://www.cerave.com and all good stores is highly recommended.

The moisture-rich CeraVe is soothing to skin


Cancer treatment can come with hair loss and while cooling scalp treatments are advised particularly when wearing wigs, the Suburban Turban range offers stylish cover at https://www.suburbanturban.com. Looking well can mean even more for men and women when undergoing breast cancer treatment, and the people at https://goop.com offer skincare for the women and spa treatments for men. Both Goop and Sephora at http://www.sephora.com offer non-toxic beauty and skincare for the women.

Sephora makeup in Lawless Velvet Blush, lilahb lip and cheek, tarte cream bronzer and Lawless matt bronzer


In the meantime until 31st October now is the time to support a favourite cancer charity and raise vital funds and most are just a click away.

“When I was undergoing treatment which included chemo and several surgeries I felt really terrible,” says breast cancer survivor Caitlin Kiernan, author of ‘Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer’. “On the days I was able to pull myself together I felt like I could power through a little more.”

Goop offers spa products for the men and skincare for women


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