Paris Fashion Week – Designers You Know, Designers You Want to Know

00001-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-floral puff dress Paris (2) Horizontal.jpg

Iconic Parisian Fashion, Patou

Guillaume Henry, designer for century old French fashion brand Patou celebrated the historic Maison with a fresh, youthful spirit. Voluminous balloon sleeves and skirts, spacious smocks, versatile Provençal collars that can be removed and dashing sailor hats, worn with a stylish attitude. Watch the Spring/Summer 2021 video here. The Patou brand has long enjoyed a history of illustrious designers. Young Guillaume Henry is revitalizing the brand so it speaks to a younger audience.

00007-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-beige coat wht collar Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Magnificent dove grey coat with removable Provençal collar. Patou

00013-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-short dress Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Fun, flirty, fantastic and oh so French. Patou.

00011-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-black pant suit Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Feathers add texture to this sophisticated pant suit. Patou.

00003-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-wht embroid dress Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Patou’s jaunty white embroidered dress with puff sleeves.

00014-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-embroid pink dress Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Stunning embroidered dress with trumpet sleeves and hemline. Patou.

00018-Patou-RTW-Spring-2021-blk puff sleeve dress (2).jpg

Move over Chanel, here’s the new little black dress by Patou. All puffs sleeves and bubble skirt.

-thebe-magugu-RTW-spring-21 Paris Vogue yellow high boots (2) cropped.jpg

Thebe Magugu, native of South Africa, winner of the LVMH Prize last year, investigated the hidden world of spies for his Spring/Summer 2021 collection. If you look closely, you can see Magugu’s use of fingerprints and polygraph test imagery converted into printed textiles. Just don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.

thebe-magugu-RTW-spring-21 blue dress vogue Paris (2) cropped.jpg

She looks sweet, but she can flip a 180 kg criminal over her shoulder without messing her hair. Thebe Magugu.

thebe-magugu-RTW-spring-21 blue skirt boots, Vogue Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Bond, Jane Bond. Thebe Magugu.

thebe-magugu-RTW-spring-21 Paris Vogue yellow suit (2) cropped.jpg

Sophisticated cascading hem jacket and full pants makes this suit simply smashing. Thebe Magugu.

thebe-magugu-RTW-spring-21 Vogue Paris suit, hat (2) cropped.jpg

Smart tailored jacket with military style hat and Thebe Magugu logo.

00011-UMA-WANG-SPRING-21-RTW Red white layers Paris Pynck (3) cropped.jpg

Uma Wang, a contemporary premier brand based in China. Soft layers with a flavor of ancient history.

00002-UMA-WANG-SPRING-21-RTW White cascade pleat dress Paris Pynck (3) cropped 3.jpg

The innovative use of fabrics is a trademark of this luxury label. Uma Wang.

00031-UMA-WANG-SPRING-21-RTW Rose and blk dress Paris Pynck (3).jpg

Elegant, asymmetrical layers and long fluid drapery is a hallmark of the Uma Wang Collections.

00020-UMA-WANG-SPRING-21-RTW rose color suit with drape Paris Pynck (3) cropped.jpg

Creative, modern, avant-garde. Uma Wang chose to photograph the Spring/Summer 2021 Collection with a series of hazy grey, antique feeling images.

Kenzo SS21 038 wht red netting Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Oliveira Baptista for Kenzo. The image of the beekeeper was the inspiration of this Spring/Summer 2021 collection, but in these days of social distancing, the extended mesh head covering feels more like a beautiful layer of protection.

Kenzo SS21 012 Mens floral suit Paris (2) cropped.jpg

Glorious, vibrant prints speak of positive things to come. Kenzo.

Kenzo SS21 029 mens batik blue hoody Paris cropped.jpg

Digital blue rose pattern has the feeling of a much loved washed batik. Kenzo.

Kenzo SS21 008 Aqua Paris.jpg

Kenzo ethereal aqua netting creates an otherworldly effect.

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