Tokyo Fashion Week – Wild and Wonderful!

Tae Ashida horizontal florals tokyo 2 (2) cropped.JPG

Easy going contemporary spring-summer looks from Tae Ashida. Watch her S/S 2021 collection video here.

We are so lucky to be able to explore Tokyo Fashion Week to expand our concept of fashion. These innovative designers force us to consider options outside the designer apparel “norm.” What is fashion? Simply clothing that we put on and go about our daily routine, or is it something more? Many of the Tokyo designers show us another way.

Tae Ashida rose dress tokyo 2 (2) cropped.jpg

Award winning Tae Ashida works over blown florals into textural and feminine summer dressing.

Tae Ashida tokyo 2 wht shorts blue top cropped.jpg

Cool meets casual with tweed jacket and asymmetrical softly ruffled blouse by Tae Ashida.

Tae Ashida Tokyo 2 wht ruffle cropped.jpg

Mixed materials and unexpected ruffles create a modern summer vibe by Tae Ashida.

Tae Ashida tokyo 2 pink ruffle long gown cropped.jpg

An innovative approach to summer dressing with a casual top and stunning textured pale pink floral gown that will make heads turn at any event by Tae Ashida.

Tae Ashida tokyo 2 high low silver red gown cropped.jpg

Tae Ashida bumps up the drama with this high-low gown with burnt orange metallic trim and a pretty bow at the neck.

Hiroko Koshino tokyo 2 long blue gown cropped.jpg

Evocative of the bold exuberance of a child’s painting Hiroko Koshino combines brilliant coloring with a Bauhaus and Art Deco referenced silhouette.

Hiroko Koshino tokyo 2 orange sleeves cropped.jpg

An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 for the WOW factor. Hiroko Koshino. Joyful, happy, positive color and stand-out tailoring details.

Hiroko Koshino orange pants tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Contrasting a fitted, sheer embroidered blouse with full pumpkin colored trousers creates a sophisticated and contemporary look. Hiroko Koshino.

Johan Ku Gold Label raincoat tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Look closely and you’ll see the windowpane stripes of color are actually swatches of tints from paint labels. Johan Ku Gold Label.

Johan Ku Gold Label womens suit tokyo 2 crpped.jpg

Johan Ku blends art and apparel in his award winning work. His S/S 2021 Collection is entitled, “The Painters.”

Johan Ku Gold Label watercolor suit tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Like wearing an artwork reminiscent of a delicate watercolor. Johan Ku.

Johan Ku Gold Label mens suit tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Johan Ku’s custom fabrics reference art and the artist’s materials. Bold suiting for his menswear collection.

Requal clown tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

The Requal brand is not for the minimalist lifestyle. Is this performance or street art? What do you think the designer is suggesting here?

Requal mickey mouse tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

A cartoon take on athletic wear. This sweatshirt has room for all your stuffed animals. Requal.

requal carpet tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Perhaps Requal designer Tetsuya Doi is referring to other possible modes of transportation? A flying carpet perhaps, to transport you to your dream?

IHNN pink shift dress tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Paired down simplicity in this elegant pale pink summer dress with just a touch of contrast at the neckline and footwear. IHNN.

IHNN rust brwn skirt tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Korean born IHNN designer Ihn Chisung focuses on luxury fabrics and graceful silhouettes.

IHNN beige pants suit tokyo 2 cropped.jpg

Stunningly understated separates. Look at the subtle yet sophisticated details. The luxuriously draped knit pants, the tie waist and lovely flared, cuffed sleeves. IHNN.

IHNN tokyo 2 blk wht cropped.jpg

A modern look for a cool, contemporary vibe. Black bib and oversized white blouse is a stylish option from IHNN.

Zin Kato tokyo 2 blue dress cropped.jpg

Japanese designer Zin Kato blends a complete knowledge of historic fashion references with a contemporary bodycon vibe. The allure of this silhouette is unmistakable.

Zin kato tokyo 2 pants cropped.jpg

A 60’s retro blouse, print trousers and flattering cummerbund goes sweet and sexy under the hands of master designer and tailor Zin Kato.

Zin kato tokyo 2 wht ruffle cropped.jpg

As majestic as a regal swan. The details of this exquisite gown are truly special. The web-like lace at neck and shoulders, the tiered sleeves and cascading skirt make this unique dress a show piece. Zin Kato.

The variety of immensely talented designers we encounter during Tokyo Fashion Week is always exhilarating. Thanks for sharing the love with us!


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