DIY Shower Cleaning Hacks with Triton

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Whether you’re an avid Mrs Hinch, have additional time on your hands, or your bathroom is simply more grimy than gleaming, there’s nothing better than a thorough clean to add a touch of sparkle to your home. While you may have a whole host of shop bought cleaning products to hand, it’s good to know that even the most basic of household supplies can be used with great effect.

Here’s how you can make your bathroom gleam using everyday ingredients you can find in your cupboards.

Surface Grime

Building up on surfaces shower after shower, soap suds and general grime can become more stubborn to remove the longer you leave them. A dull, matt finish on your chrome shower mixer, rail and taps isn’t a look that will inspire you to start the day in the right way. However, a quick solution of cooking oil, tea leaves, vinegar and boiling water is enough for a complete transformation.

In equal parts, add the solution to either a beaker or jug and give it a good stir. Apply to the area using an unused cloth to evenly coat and loosen surface debris. Finish by removing any residue with kitchen roll – leaving a sparkling shine that will brighten up your bathroom.

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Shower Curtain

The reality is that unless you dry a shower curtain after every use, over time, mildew will develop on its surface. This can be an awkward area to clean, leading many people to simply replace the curtain when the build-up reaches a certain point, which is an unnecessary and wasteful option.

The trick here is to tackle the task head on. Remove the curtain from its hooks and place in your washing machine. Add washing detergent and half a cup of bicarbonate soda to the drawer and commence a 30-degree wash, stopping before the rinse cycle. At this point, add half a cup of vinegar to the detergent drawer and commence a final rinse, before hanging back up in your shower to dry.

Blocked Drains

Drain blockages occur when dirt, hair and skin flakes bind to soap suds on pipe walls. Plug catchers can help to limit debris, particularly hair that enters the plug hole, however this usually delays blockages rather than eliminating entirely.

To clear pipes, sprinkle two tbsp of bicarbonate soda in/around the plughole, rinse with vinegar until all residue is dissolved, and finish with 1 litre of boiling water. This powerful mixture will dislodge any collected substances, creating a free-flowing drain once again.

Shower Head

Limescale build up around the nozzles in your showerhead not only looks unsightly, but can also affect water flow. A simple fix is to remove the head, insert into a sealable plastic bag or container and fully immerse in vinegar for two hours.

Upon removing, give the nozzles a quick brush or wipe to remove any remaining deposits. Rinse with water and screw back onto the shower hose – good as new!

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Grimy Grout

No matter how clean your shower is, if there is a build-up of grime in your grout, then your bathroom will never truly shine. Combine one tbsp water and one tbsp bicarbonate soda into a paste and spread over grout. Spray with vinegar and with a little elbow grease, give the grout a good scrub with a toothbrush, unearthing any grime. Rinse with water and if required, repeat.

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