Lockdown perseverance garners Best Local Salon award

SALON owners and hairdressers across the UK got together online recently to acknowledge the best in the business from creativity and innovation to top-notch business acumen.

The 2020 national Salon Business Awards were presented for the first time in its history and while every finalist from the very small to the grand received due recognition the Best Local Salon was highly placed among the favourites.

F&M Hairdressing owner and director Brian MacMillan (right) and business partner Kevin Finnell


F&M Hairdressing owner and director Brian MacMillan, the winner of the Best Local Salon category was delighted that his business was honoured with the award.

“To be recognised for our hard work, passion and community spirit means the world to us,” said Brian MacMillan when the award was presented online on 11 November. “This is the best news we have had in 2020.”

See all of the award winners online at http:..www.salonbusiness.co.uk #salon_business and contact Brian MacMillan at salon@fmhairdressing.com https://www.fmhairdressing.com @FMHairdressing

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