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Kim Kardashian West: On shapewear

By Lucy Maguire

When trends editor Lucy Maguire set out to report on the shapewear market, she was somewhat sceptical. How well could undergarments meant to be worn under fancy dresses and party outfits be selling during a pandemic that has kept most people housebound? But Skims, the shapewear brand launched by Kim Kardashian West, continued to expand and launch in new retailers, most recently Selfridges. Lucy spoke to the reality star-turned-brand-founder to find out about Skims’ take on shapewear as loungewear, and what the blurred lines imply for the category overall, in our must-read story this week.

After launching in September last year, the brand has sold roughly three million units and released 32 collections. Unsurprisingly, Kardashian West’s star power and marketing savvy has contributed to the success of Skims. But beyond her personality, the brand’s inclusive sizing, adoption of the drop model and quick expansion into new categories that still centre key items like bodysuits has helped it thrive during a year when the overall category has stalled. According to retail market intelligence company Edited, sales are down, and discounting is spiking for legacy shapewear players.

Skims is part of a growing class of modern lingerie brands that are rapidly updating a playbook left dormant by the legacy players, and customers are responding. Others, like Heist and ThirdLove, also carry a broader range of skintone shades and sizes to appeal to more people. Cleverly, Lucy says, new Skims products launch in coordinated shades so customers can mix and match loungewear with shapewear.

But ultimately, Lucy wanted to know, how did Kardashian West consider the positioning of her brand? Is it a luxury product? While the price point is aspirational, she says the line goes hand-in-hand with luxury fashion and name-checked a few designer friends, including Alexander Wang, who have sent models down runways or to photoshoots with Skims under their clothing. Whether or not designer brands would ever venture into the category themselves is not off the table, analysts said, but it’s a bit risky now. For Kardashian West, it’s nice to have connections.

Enjoy the interview, and we’ll be back next Sunday with another must-read.

Key takeaway: Kim Kardashian West tells Vogue Business her shapewear brand Skims has seen better-than-expected sales growth, even during Covid-19.


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