New Busker Irish Whiskey brand is a turn-up for the history books

THERE is a new whiskey in town and it is distilled in Ireland and backed by the USA’s Disaronno International, the Tia Maria crowd so it is a real turn-up for the history books.

Rest assured though, if there is an ‘e’ in the spelling of whiskey, then it has to be Irish and Irish it is, distilled as it is at the Royal Oak Distillery 18th century estate in Carlow, well within the region of Ireland’s Ancient East.

What is said to make this whiskey different from all the rest is in the aging process, particularly in marsala wine casks. The finished product is meant to be different, an homage to a new type of consumer who want authentic flavours and are willing to break the mould to get them.

“We aim to disrupt the Irish Whiskey category by attracting new and authenticity-seeking consumers to the brand,” said Disaronno International LLC executive vice-president. “While we honour the rich Irish heritage and whiskey-making traditions to produce superb liquid we go beyond the limitations and lines of history to create our own story. American consumers are thirsty for something that is exciting and innovative and The Busker delivers just that.”

Affordably priced from around €30 to €40 depending on the process, The Busker Whiskey isn’t the kind to be swigging while singing songs in Grafton Street. Scotch whisky icon John Ramsay has stepped in as Master Blender while Whiskey Magazine’s Distillery Manager of the Year Lisa Ryan brings her vast experience to the production process.

Busker Irish Whiskey will be available online from January at and at select off-licences.

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Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey is’s Ireland Correspondent. She holds an honours undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Chicago and has taught Adult Education Creative Writing Studies. Through a media career spanning nearly 25 years Kim has written and photographed regional news, national and international horse sports, fashion and lifestyle. Kim lives with her husband and son in Kildare Ireland, and a stray marmalade cat who has adopted the family.

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