– Gift of Online Cookery Lessons with Chef Gareth Mullins

The Perfect Foodie Gift

Award Winning Chef Gareth Mullins Cookery Experience – Flavour & Balance Cookery Course – 4 Lessons over 4 Weeks in January – Start off 2021 Learning a New Skill for only €60

Give the gift of Online Cookery Lessons this Christmas from Award Winning Chef Gareth Mullins. After you purchase this course Gareth will email you a Gift Voucher, that you can give to that someone special.

Gareth has designed a course with easy to find ingredients, that can be sourced in any local supermarket.

The goal for this 4-week programme is to get the year off to a flavour-packed start, staying away from processed foods and using alternative fresh vibrant ingredients.

The key is cooking nutritious food from scratch using fresh ingredients. This can be done very simply through solid cooking techniques that will allow you to prepare a variety of meals.

January is a month in which we all feel a little guilty, after indulging in food over the Christmas period and it is the perfect month to introduce new eating habits. When it comes to eating well preparation, bulk cooking, and freezing come in handy and can save you a lot of time. Simple tasty snacks will also help you stay on the right track.

This cycle of 4 classes will focus on flavour and balance. You will learn to treat food simply and to make the most of its flavour, while keeping the calories down!

What You Will Learn

CHAPTER 1 – 04.01.2021
Getting the week right

The skills: blending, stewing, grilling, roasting, sautéing, spicing, and knife work.


Bircher muesli with apple, chia seeds and toasted almonds
Berry smoothie with peanut and cocoa
Sweet potato, feta and spinach frittata
Dhal with fresh mango, grilled chicken breast

CHAPTER 2 – 11.01.2021
Quick and tasty

The skills: stir-frying, poaching, grilling, knife work, sautéing, seasoning.


Chicken, broccoli and mushroom stir-fry with oyster sauce, egg-fried-rice with spring onion and peas
Light Caesar salad with crispy bacon, poached egg
Quick hummus with crispy vegetable crudités

CHAPTER 3 – 18.01.2021
Sunday treats

The skills: Grilling, roasting, baking, sautéing, chopping, seasoning, poaching


Roast fillet of beef, rocket and parmesan salad, tomato and tarragon dressing
Baked sweet potato wedges, whipped lemon crème fraiche
Vanilla poached fruits with natural yogurt

CHAPTER 4 – 25.01.2021
Mid-week winners

The skills: sautéing, chopping, frying, blending, steaming, seasoning, baking


Steamed sea bass, greens with ginger, lemon and soy
Winter vegetable broth with white beans and basil pesto
Banana, maple and oat muffins


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