We Are Egg – A Revolutionary New Concept Store In Cape Town With A 2020 Twist In Its Tale

Surely shopping in-store should be a thing of magic and exhilaration, not a drag? In our future world there’s no doubt retail has some serious soul searching to do. Traditional shopping as we know it needs a comprehensive makeover to lure back the armchair shopper. While touchy-feely retail experiences have been mothballed over the past year there’s been a monumental shift in shoppers’ expectations.


A highway to high fashion under egg-shaped arches

Two forward thinking Cape Town entrepreneurs, Paul Simon and Arie Fabian, hit the nail on the head in preempting this new development in retail and in late 2020 opened We Are Egg, a concept store that unashamedly celebrates South Africa’s extraordinary set of cutting-edge creators, makers and artisans. In this intimate, organic and collaborative cocoon the lines between traditional in-store and online retail are surreptitiously blurred as the shopper gets an intimate glimpse of what lies behind every showcased story.


Serial entrepreneur Paul Simon and business partner Arie Fabian are the masterminds behind this revolutionary concept.

Under one roof over 250 utterly covetable brands compete for the attention – from a piercing salon, flower studio and an all-singing-and-dancing food court to cutting edge fashion, textiles, home and beauty offerings are invitingly dotted throughout this alluring, vibrant hub. You can even get your limited edition sneakers or flat cap customized – tattooed, painted, studded or printed no less – while you wait for your nails to dry.


Image Fleur le Cordeur


Upon entering the store Fleur le Cordeur’s vibrant flower market welcomes the visitor.

Find We Are Egg at Cavendish Connect, Dreyer St, Claremont, Cape Town or visit weareegg.co.za.


Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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