CHF – Together stronger for the future – CHF Strategy 2021 – 2023

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As a loyal and committed supporter of Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin (formerly CMRF Crumlin and Temple Street Foundation), your support is appreciated not only by us and our teams but also by the sick children treated every day in Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin. Your help has enabled us to raise funds, spread joy, and provide care to Ireland’s sick children.

Last year alone we committed €6m to paediatric research, €1.6m to purchase vital medical equipment. Our funds also supported care programmes and support for the children in hospital, their parents and their families including capital development expenditure of €1m for the outpatients departments in CHI at Crumlin and CHI at Temple Street; Butterfly Suite in CHI at Temple Street and Nazareth’s in CHI at Crumlin.

We are so grateful to you for supporting the patients, parents and staff in CHI at Crumlin – it really, really makes a difference, thank you.

In 2021 we will embark on a new strategy to achieve ambitious growth for the coming years. This growth is vital so that we can help to provide world-class facilities, research, and compassionate, loving care for every sick child in Ireland.

You can see a copy of our strategy here.

The ongoing commitment of our supporters and partners will be vital to us and to the children we support. We ask you to take this journey with us and join us in giving every sick child the very best chance.

Kind Regards,

Denise Fitzgerald
Chief Executive, Children’s Health Foundation

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