Conversation about grey blending with Robert Eaton

“FOR me grey blending is all about creating innovative techniques to create incredible looking hair for clients who are still wanting colour services, but not necessarily wanting the commitment they had before” – Robert Eaton, Wella Professionals UK & Ireland Technical Director.

Robert Eaton and Jayne Lewis-Orr in conversation about grey blending at the HJ Live Upskills Series webinar


The opening words of Robert Eaton of Russell Eaton Salons UK at the Wednesday 13 January instalment of the Hairdressers Journal Live Upskills Series confirms what some of us – and we are In the Pynck about it – already know: professional hair in tones of grey from icy blue to slate have been sweeping the Internet platforms long enough by now to be recognised as an essential in modern beauty.

Grey blending, an essential to modern beauty



Robert Eaton’s webinar insights into grey blending treatments, hosted by HJI Executive Director Jayne Lewis-Orr and sponsored by Wella Professional was well worth the 40-minute live broadcast, and will as lockdown continues very much be worth a rewatch at as an essential piece of the reopening toolkit.

Image credit: Russell Eaton Hair UK


“Being more playful with colour, adding different tones to hair but also not necessarily the same longevity with regards to regrowth. Growing hair colour out and embracing natural regrowth doesn’t mean having no hair colour at all,” added Robert Eaton.


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