Easy Dresses for the time at home

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Easy Dresses for the time at home

Theres nothing quite like being ready for the day and looking your best to put your best foot forward in lockdown. Even if you make the commitment to get up and get dressed up just once a week, the effect it has on your mood if incredible. But who wants to be uncomfortable!? Especially in lockdown after Christmas!?

A great hack for looking put together, but still comfortable is to throw on a beautiful loose dress and pair with some tights for extra warmth. You’ll look incredible, feel incredible and you’ll feel like achieving much more than if you just pulled on the same pair of leggings and hoodie!

Below are our top picks from the High Street.

H&M Dress 1

H&M Dress 2

Zara Dress 1 

NAKD Dress 1

NAKD Dress 2 

Topshop Dress 1

Topshop Dress 2

ASOS Dress 1

ASOS Dress 2

ASOS Dress 3



Melanie Grace

Melanie Grace Fashion Editor and Publisher for Pynck

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