Givenchy – PRE-FALL 2021



Millennial designers have grown up in the digital age of fashion fandom, spent their twenties saving up for $800 cult-brand hoodies, and learned to obsess about trouser hems. They’re also well-versed in the grammar of icons— whether that’s a varsity jacket or an Hermès, well, anything—and, crucially, in the art of subversion. You could apply all those teachings to Williams’s new collection for Givenchy, which proposed a series of wardrobe staples subverted through his soft-versus-aggressive lens. Let’s illustrate: a classic letterman jacket chopped into a bolero and realized in a super luxe, tonal red knitwear; a rather normal long-sleeved black day dress hacked up at the waist like a little piece of architecture; or businessy blazers with complex lapel and collar structures seemingly morphing in and out the fabric.

“Ultimately, what I am trying to do in the Givenchy collections is reflect today’s world. I appreciate a certain material experimentation and an intense contrast in clothing that could only be achieved and exist now. […] It’s an idea of a more personal luxury, of simultaneous formality and informality, construction and comfort; it’s the luxury of people wearing clothes, not clothes wearing people.” Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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