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80-year-old volunteer makes Christmas decorations for lonely people in her area

When a hip injury forced her to slow down, 80 year old Agnes Johnson decided to put the time off her feet to good use and set about making handmade Christmas decorations for local people who might be lonely.

Agnes, who has been a volunteer with the Irish Red Cross for over 30 years, says she got the idea when she realised that many people wouldn’t be able to have visitors to their homes and care homes this year due to COVID-19.

With some time on her hands, Agnes managed to crochet over 100 decorations, which were then delivered by other Irish Red Cross volunteers, along with meals or groceries and included in Meals and Wheels deliveries in the area.

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Latest Appeals

Yemen Appeal

As the brutal conflict continues to rage in Yemen, the need for emergency aid grows. With over 24 million in need of aid, Yemen is the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis.


Syria Appeal

Years of fierce fighting have left most of Syria’s vital services extremely fragile. Across Syria, tens of thousands of people are in need of shelter and emergency humanitarian assistance.


Restoring Family Links

Migration, conflict and disaster separate families and can lead to a lifetime of uncertainty about the fate of relatives.

The Irish Red Cross is part of an international network which traces separated relatives, restores contact and reunites families.

Families like Leila and her brothers, who were separated when fleeing from danger in Somalia. When Leila arrived in Ireland, she contacted the Irish Red Cross to look for her family members. After one year of searching, one of Leila brothers was found. Through the Irish Red Cross Travel Assistant programme, her brother has been reunited with Leila in Ireland.

Through the Restoring Family Links Programme, the Irish Red Cross has successfully traced hundreds of thousands of people who have left their place of origin, sought asylum abroad, disappeared, or are in prisons, hospitals, refugee camps, and shelters.


Congratulations to all the Humanitarian Award Winners!

The 3rd Annual Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Awards took place virtually on Tuesday, 15th December. Hosted by journalist Sybil Mulcahy the ceremony was a huge success.

Watch Full Ceremony Here>>

View Winners of 2020 Awards>>

Thank you again for supporting our brave volunteers. If you would like to make a donation or have any questions, please give us a call at Freephone 1800 50 70 70 or email us at

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