Showcase Ireland year-round shopping goes live

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THE Irish design and craft fair that has traditionally taken place annually in January has launched a fully accessible website for shopping all year round.

The website at opened as a click and shop wholesale and retail Irish branded platform following on from the landmark success of the first ever digital design and craft show in January to world markets.


There are more than 300 curated brands wholesaling products to Irish and export markets while additional links to the Design and Crafts Council Ireland provide access to retail shopping information.

The website offers access to a regular newsletter which showcases curated brand, the latest being the ‘tablescaping’ dining design trend featuring soft furnishings, pottery and tableware.


“People are turning to table-setting to gain some control over their routines while indulging in escapism or ‘tablescapism’ if you will,” said Irish homeware stylist Fiona Leahy. “There is a rising demand for the handmade and the authentic, products that enhance our daily routines and bring us to a mindful state by providing the tactility we miss right now.”

The tabelscaping trend is one for the senses from the glow of unique Irish-made pottery and china to placemats and napkins in a variety of hues and textures and bespoke glass- and tableware where anything from the rustic to the lavishly decorated goes. Many brands across the platform offer business to business wholesale sections with a convenient link to each maker’s page.


Image credits: Showcase Ireland

Kim Mullahey

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