Milan Fashion Week, Master’s Edition

Milan 3 Dolce + Gabbana 5 across horizontal.JPG

Dolce & Gabbana, rock stars of Milan Fashion Week.

Enjoy this delicious parade of talent. Your deserve it. Milan Fashion Week. We’ve been waiting for this.

Milan 3 D + G Silver dress.jpg

You can be the light that shines. Silver sequin ensemble. D & G. Credit,

Milan 3 D + G graffiti tights.jpg

Graffiti vibe and powerful colors. This outfit would be a hit on any stage. D + G. Credit,

Mialn 3 D + G silver puffer.jpg

Iridescent metallic puffer and shimmering coordinated boots by D & G. Credit,

Milan 3 D + G faux fur vogue.jpg

Faux furs ruled on so many runways. This coat simply rocks. D & G. Credit,

Milan D + G life raft puffer Vogue.jpg

You did notice the puffer trend, as almost every designer presented their rendition of Fall 2021-22’s must-have outerwear. This D & G version looks like it can double as a life raft. Credit,

Milan 3 womens gown blue floral top full skirt Armani cropped.jpg

Giorgio Armani, the master of supremely luxurious apparel that is designed with innovation, beauty and sumptuous comfort in mind. Credit,

Milan 3 Giorgio-Armani-MENS-Fall-21 sweater vogue cropped.jpg

Armani menswear is unmistakable. Credit,

Milan 3 armani women asym top full silver blue cropped.jpg

Asymmetrical cropped jacket is signature Armani, paired with gracefully draped trousers. Credit,

Mialn 3 Giorgio-Armani-MENS-Fall-21 Taupe vogue cropped.jpg

The subtle details of the Maestro. Note the tapered button trouser cuff. Giorgio Armani. Credit,

Milan 3 Armani women gown sheer skirt cropped.jpg

Magnificent evening ensemble; understated elegance. Giorgio Armani. Credit,

Milan 3-Giorgio-Armani-MENS-Fall- layers vogue cropped.jpg

Layers of pattern, texture, color. Giorgio Armani. Credit,

Milan 3 armani women asym top full pants.jpg

In the sometimes inconsistent fashion industry, Giorgio Armani has stood the test of time. It’s obvious why. Watch the womenswear runway show here. Credit,

Milan 3 Giorgio-Armani-MENS-Fall-21 brwn velvet pants cropped.jpg

Rich brown velvet fashioned in the silhouette of casual jogging pants. Giorgio Armani. Watch the menswear runway show here. Credit,

Abodi cat sleeve Milan 3 cropped.jpg

You no longer have to leave your pet at home. Now you can wear your cat on your sleeve. Abodi.


Abodi purple pants suit Milan 3 (2) cropped Hungarian.JPG

Sleek purple moiré pantsuit by Dora Abodi, an award winning Hungarian fashion designer who has dressed countless stars and celebrities. Credit,

Abodi brwm blk check dress Milan 2 Hungarian (2) cropped.JPG

Attention grabbing patchwork leather dress by Dora Abodi. Milano Fashion Week has partnered with The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency. This season nine Hungarian brands launched their collections in this program entitled, “Budapest Select.” Check out the other eight talented designers here. Credit,

Milan 3 pucci peach wht cropped.jpg

Pucci, still going strong since the early 1950’s. Credit,

Milan 3 Pucci wht blue jkt cropped.jpg

Emilio Pucci’s brilliant, joyful prints and apparel have been worn by generations of fashion lovers. Credit,

Milan 3 Pucci sweater cropped.jpg

Fabulous button down bodysuit with matching sweater. Pucci. Credit,

Milan 3 SHIRT detail A and Rimondi (2) cropped.JPG

​​Bold and vibrant brand shi.RT by founding designers Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi. Luxury fabrics and daring graphics influenced by art define this innovative Italian fashion label. Credit,

Milan 3 SHIRT detail blk red plaid video (2) cropped.JPG

Detail of original and modern dress by shi.RT. Take a look at the fantastic collection here. And watch their wonderful video here. Credit,

Ports 1961 Milan 3 blk wht sweater cropped.jpg

Stunning knit sweater by Ports 1961. Credit,

Milan 3 ports 1961 blk wht coat cropped.jpg

Spectacular coat by Ports 1961. Credit,

Imaginative and amazing leather top, skirt and thigh high boots. Ports 1961. You need to watch their video here. Credit,

Valentino cape Milan 3 vogue cropped.jpg

Valentino. Contrasting graphics create a bold cape over a full skirted mini. Credit,

Valentino Milan 3 cut our long jacket vogue.jpg

Cut-out full length jacket plays with negative space. Valentino. Credit,

Milan 3 Valentino blk wht cut out dress vogue.jpg

Layering and cut-outs create a stunning visual for this sweater and under blouse. Valentino. Credit,

Milan 3 Genny blk wht birds coat.jpg

Butterflies take flight on this striking coat over open work dress by Genny. Credit,

Milan 3 Genny Gold tunic cropped.jpg

Gold monogrammed tunic over trim leggings create a clean and contemporary silhouette. Genny. Credit,

Milan 3 Genny royal blue gown cropped.jpg

Whisper light butterflies form a light as air net blouse worn over a sparkling royal blue skirt. An incredible ensemble. Genny. Watch the lovely runway video here. Credit,

A big “grazie mille” to Milano Fashion Week. What a fabulous fashion treat. Ciao for now! Next stop, Paris.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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