Hairdressers Journal and Professional Beauty open ninth upskills week with new webinars

WHILE lockdown restrictions are set to ease soon Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal are set to launch the ninth week of upskills webinars designed to keep pace with all the new information as businesses looks towards reopening. The industry collaboration is designed to inspire, motivate and entertain as well as inform and connect to the industry through difficult times. Attendance at the week’s webinars beginning this Monday 15 March at 10am GMT with the Hairdressers Journal ‘Wellbeing Matters’ premiere awards 1 CPD Hour, courtesy of VTCT.

Meet wellbeing expert Tom Chapman at one of the latest upskills webinars

Be informed this Tuesday 16 March at 10am GMT about how to manage customer change in a Hairdressers Journal webinar and at 1pm GMT join the ‘Tough Talk’ discussion online at Professional Beauty.

Find out all there is to know about hair straightening on Wednesday 17 March at 10am GMT at the Hairdressers Journal webinar and at 12pm GMT pick up practical skills on treating hyperpigmentation on different skin types.

Hellen Ward of Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa London

The future of hairdressing education will be in focus in a Hairdressers Journal webinar on Thursday 18 March at 10am GMT while over at Professional Beauty at 12pm GMT join the ‘Practical Skills Live’ event on ‘How to get fully booked before your doors open’.

The ninth upskills series will wrap up on Friday 19 March with the new ‘Lockdown Lesson’ article on ’10 Ways to get Your Beauty Salon on the Digital Map’.

Register for all Hairdressers Journal webinars at and follow the links to PBHJ Ireland at The registration link for Professional Beauty webinars is at

Webinars will be live-streamed on Zoom or catch up on Facebook.

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Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey

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