North American Collision Conference set to be the tech crossroads of the world

WITH upwards of 40,000 anticipated later this month (20-22 April), the Collision Conference hosted from Toronto, Canada by Web Summit is expected to be the online world meetup hub for anyone who has any connection with web tech – anywhere.

Tech entrepreneur Evan Williams and New York Times tech writer in converastion at the Collision Conference

The meetup is expected to bring together emerging tech innovators, buyers, sellers and experts with thought leaders and emerging creators to discuss over two days where technology is headed and where it can be used for good.

Aimed at bridging the gap between the technology industry and public users, Collision has developed into much more than a tech conference. While providing a platform for the industry’s buyers and sellers along with enthusiasts and creative minds the meetup is intended to benefit the world as a whole.

“What we are doing in Canada is making sure there is room for everyone to succeed,” said Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada about the intent of the conference. “If we don’t succeed together we are all going to fail separately.”

The Collision Conference has something for everyone who interacts with web technology from advertisers to content creators, in marketing, media and public relations. Forums on health, politics and government, education and climate change will be hosted as well in discussion with leading experts from across a wide variety of fields.

Registration for the online event is at

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