Exotic Shanghai Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2021-22

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Beauty and the Best

Delicate drama. Audacious, bold, fashion innovation. It’s all here. Dive into Shanghai Fashion Week.

Pan'tterfly close-up make-up horizontal cropped.jpg

Breathtakingly lovely, Pan’tterfly haute couture.

Yes by Yesir Shanghai blue pink image clock fab, horizontal cropped.jpg

Who would have thought that images of women dressed in medieval whimple headdresses imprinted on stretch fabric would look so incredible? Yes by Yesir.

Yes by Yesir Shanghai pattern ensemble cropped.jpg

Trousers with long coordinated cloak in a bold and colorful chain pattern. Menswear by Yes by Yesir.

Yes by Yesir Shanghai carmel jkt skirt cropped.jpg

Ultra fuzzy logo blouson jacket in caramel with one-of-a-kind buttons and leather mini. Yes by Yesir.

Yes by Yesir blk wht cape Shanghai (2) cropped.JPG

Attractive black and white pattern knit mini and cape create an unexpected silhouette. Yes by Yesir.

Yes by Yesir Shanghai wht dress cropped.jpg

Playing with volume and texture, this striking high-low gown is an absolute show stopper Yes by Yesir.

Pan'tterfly red blk Shanghai cropped.jfif

Quilted crop jacket in lucky red with glossy lace trousers. Pan’tterfly.

Pan'tterfly mens pink Shanghai cropped.jfif

Bold and eye catching pink suit for men. The fur trimmed bag is especially decadent. Pan’tterfly.

Comme Moi Shanghai straw hat cropped.jpg

By Comme Moi, a feminine silhouette in black and white gingham.

Comme Moi Shanghai pink jkt cropped.jpg

Contemporary pieces in luxe fabrics for the modern women. Comme Moi.

Comme Moi Shanghai wht floral pants cropped.jpg

Cascading delicate fabric flowers trail down from the sleeveless jacket for a spectacular effect. Comme Moi.

Comme Moi Shanghai wht floral pants cropped (2) flowers detail.jpg

Comme Moi. Floral detail.

Zhang Shuai outerwwar Shanghai cropped.jpg

Contemporary outerwear, Zhang Shuai.

Zhang Shuai yellow Shanghai cropped.jpg

Bold shift dress with exaggerated sleeves and absolutely fabulous above-the-knee lavender boots. Zhang Shuai.

Zhang Shuai red blk mini Shangai cropped.jpg

Red mini with a retro vibe coordinated with a striking long coat accented with a beaded lapel. Zhang Shuai.

Zhang Shuai pink cape Shanghai cropped.jpg

Sweet 60’s style mini with matching pink cape and must-have silver boots. Zhang Shuai.

Leaf Zia colorful coat Shanghai cropped.jpg

The ultimate flower power puffer coat and coordinating shoes by Leaf Xia.

Leaf Zia color patchwork Shanghai cropped use.jpg

Kaleidoscopic patchwork puffer scarf by Leaf Xia.

Leaf Zia 2 pc Shanghai cropped (2) with great bag.jpg

Funky boho multi-colored seersucker skirt and crop top. Leaf Xia.

dior fall 21 shanghai crfashionbook mini silver cropped.jpg

Dior presented their Pre-Fall 2021 Collection at Shanghai Fashion Week. Watch the disco party runway show here.

Image credit: crfashionbook.com.

dior fall 21 hanghai leopard 2 pc cropped.jpg

Leopard, always in style. Dior. Image credit: crfashionbook.com.

dior shanghai gold skirt crfashionbook cropped.jpg

80’s nostalgia disco rocked the Dior runway. Image credit: crfashionbook.com.

dior fall 21 shanghai rainbow crfashion cropped.jpg

Rainbow sequin mini and coordinated faux fur bomber jacket. Dior. Image credit: crfashionbook.com.

dior fall 21 shanghai crfashion burgundy gown cropped.jpg

Burgundy off-the-shoulder gown. Dior. By designer Maria Grazia Chiuri. Image credit: crfashionbook.com.

Baton Shanghai brwn coat.jpg

Baton brand embroidery and appliqué on an oversized jacket.

Ming Ma vogue Shanghai hat cropped.jpg

Ming Ma. Drop waist floral dress any Southern Belle would swoon over. Credit: Vogue.com.

Ming Ma long skirt vogue shanghai cropped use.jpg

Bell shaped floor length skirt by Ming Ma. Credit: Vogue.com.

MARK GONG Shanghai vrai mag cropped.jpg

Mark Gong backless dress. Image credit: Vraimagazine.com.

Mark Gong Shanghai youtube green top wht skirt (2) cropped.JPG

The superior tailoring and innovative detailing of the Mark Gong brand can better be appreciated by watching their video here.

MARK GONG Shanghai detail skirt Vrai mag.jpg

Leather skirt detail by Mark Gong. Image credit: Vraimagazine.com.

Mark Gong Shanghai youtube tweed jkt gold gloves (2) cropped horizontal.JPG

Sophisticated tweed suit, golden gloves and natural make-up at Mark Gong. Image credit: Vraimagazine.com.

Oude Waag yellow Shanghai cropped (2) use.jpg

Slinky silk tie dye dress by Oude Waag.

Oude Waag blue blk Shanghai cropped (2) use.jpg

Long, lean column dress with cropped brocade jacket. By Oude Waag.

Oude Waag grey dress 2 pc Shanghai cropped use.jpg

A fresh, contemporary and unapologetically sexy use of traditional herringbone fabric. Oude Waag.

May D. Wang New Cashmere blk gold cropped.jpg

May D. Wang New Cashmere. Move over basic cardigans. This modern apparel takes cashmere in a whole new direction.

May D. Wong New Cashmere red blk wht cropped.jpg

A cashmere two piece suit like you’ve never seen before. May D. Wang New Cashmere.

May D. Wang New Cashmere Shanghai houndstooth cropped.jpg

What a fabulous, fashion forward look. Giant, blow-up sized houndstooth print cashmere trousers? Yes, please! May D. Wang New Cashmere.

Vibrating colors, skilled craftsmanship, novel approaches to contemporary apparel and a sense of fun made Shanghai Fashion Week truly a fashion lovers paradise.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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