Snow and Rock – Live life outdoors this spring!

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When life gives us a long weekend, it’s our duty to spend it the right way. And just in time to answer our prayers, time spent outdoors with friends and family is back on the cards – and we’ve got the gear you need to take your gatherings to the next level. Whether it’s drinks in the garden, a picnic in the park or getting back under canvas, keep scrolling to find our top picks for top-tier comfort outdoors (who needs the living room?). And if you can’t wait to get out there but need to get creative with how, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to pitch up for a night’s wild camping or host an enviable outdoor movie night. Sharing the outdoors is back.


Essential gear for life outdoors

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The key to summer camping is preparation. Here are the basics you’ll need for every camp, plus the luxuries to kick your staycation up a notch.

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We all know a movie night is the ultimate evening in, whether it’s making the most of the rule of six or something fun with the kids, so here are our tips for having the ultimate outdoor movie night.

For plenty of adventurers, wild camping is the ultimate escape into the outdoors, surrounded by nothing but the UK’s most rugged landscapes. Here’s what you need to pack for a night of wild camping, and the golden rules you need to follow.


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