Start-up Business Tips from Industry Leaders: Collision Conference

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There’s no need to start from scratch when you’re starting up your own business. Here’s the top recommendations and suggestions from business leaders assembled during a three day Zoom conference by Collision. Learn from the insights of the experts and apply their perspectives and realities of creating a successful business in the digital world.

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“Brand as a Competitive Edge”

Moderator: Marty Swant: Forbes

Jane Geraghty: Landor + Fitch

Amy Fuller: Accenture

Jane Geraghty: “Your brand is your focus. You have to understand the purpose of your brand and communicate the driving force of your brand to your customers.”

Amy Fuller: “Your brand provides the tools of your business strategy. The power of your brand is cohesion. The purpose of your brand is the core of what you are and that message must endure; it’s the value that you deliver to the marketplace.”

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“Brand Building, Post-Pandemic”

Moderator: Michelle Castillo, Senior Reporter Cheddar

Margaret Molloy: Global CMO Siegel +Gale

Joy Robins: Chief Revenue Officer Washington Post

Margaret Molloy: “Brand, for me, is a promise kept. We need to ask, what’s the job to be done? How can we be useful to our market? We can drive awareness and help to build community. You have to have a perspective that’s anchored in listening so you can engage your customer. Think about building the community and not the checks. Your buyers are people too.”

Joy Robins: “The relationship of your advertisers with your customers is your brand. How are you adding value? We help communities to take action with support and we get our clients involved. Identify your consumers and build your relationship. Find ways to deliver what’s important to your customer.”

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“The Power of Online Communities”

Moderator: Joshua Cohen: COO Tubefilter

Jen Wong: COO Reddit

Chris Jaffe: VP Youtube

Jen Wong: “People come to Reddit to learn. We bring community to the world. We have a core level of policies and we take moderation seriously. Our contributors and our readers form our brand.

Chris Jaffe: “Our brand is the two way conversation between the users and the creators. The increase in live streaming and in our learning content has skyrocketed.

Moderator Joshua Cohen asked, “What would you like to watch on Youtube?”

Jen Wong: “I’d like to watch a baking show, especially how to create a sourdough starter.”

Chris Jaffe: “The easy hacks are up-trending. I’d like to learn how to bake bread in a couple of easy steps.”

Collision Eventbrite.JPG ”The New Dotcom Boom”

Phil Libin: All Turtles

Julia Hartz: CEO Eventbrite

Using AI, Phil Libin has integrated his video image into Julia’s space.

Phil Libin: “Video transforms and brings the world together.”

Julia Hartz: “We bring the world together through live experiences. We’ve seen an explosion of online events. In this past year we’ve hosted 1.5 million events on Eventbrite. It’s human nature to connect. Our creators are event producers who bring people together. Hosting events for online audiences, we create global communities.”

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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