Taste of Home – You need this Spring Box!

Cook with Sustainable Food and This Box

One of the great opportunities for sustainable and fresh food production is gardening. And the recipes, cooking gadgets and other surprises in the Taste of Home Spring Special Delivery Box are inspired by sustainable foods and ventures to highlight these fresh ingredients. Order your Special Delivery Box today and enjoy the true flavors of your fruits and vegetables.


Backyard Gardens

Never worry about where your food comes from and enjoy the ease of picking fresh produce in your backyard garden.

Tips: Fast-growing vegetables are great for backyard gardeners who want to maximize their summer harvest. Try planting Patio Pride peas, Payload squash, Korist kohlrabi or Porch Pick bush beans.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are the perfect solution for small spaces by allowing you to grow and enjoy your own fresh ingredients.

Tip: Avoid using garden soil in containers because it won’t drain properly. Look for potting mixes that include vermiculite or perlite to help with drainage.

Community Gardens

Whether you don’t have the space or just enjoy the socialization of gardening with others, community gardens are a fun way to grow fresh vegetables and share your extra produce.

Tip: Every year, sow seeds of flowering annuals such as nasturtiums, calendulas, pansies and violas for a beautiful and edible garden.


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