Brand building web summit with Cindy Crawford at Collision

IN the fast-paced digital world that was Collision 2021 last April, Cindy Crawford wouldn’t seem like a good fit among the thousands of attendees who heard from hundreds of tech industry experts on the Web Summit livestream platform.

But then, she is unique among the iconic OG supermodels in turning fashion into a beauty brand and a line of home décor.

After more than three decades as a leading light in the fashion industry, Cindy Crawford blended science and beauty to launch Meaningful Beauty and her Cindy Crawford Home décor line, and business is booming. She took what she knew and what she had learned, listened to a guiding team of experts and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I definitely say with my skincare line some of my choices were correct in thinking out of the box and some of them were wrong,” said Cindy Crawford, speaking about her startup phase in her Collision webinar. “I am smart enough to listen to the smart people who can show me. I think if you approach everything as a student you can learn a lot and you can also question all the time.”

In the 35 years since she first swept the world fashion runways Cindy Crawford has evolved her brand into multiple industries, taking the tools gained from major global contracts along with her to springboard into her own beauty and décor lines. Her brands are available on most of the current social media platforms as well as her own websites, beauty at and décor on As her own brand ambassador, she takes the responsibilities of using social media quite seriously and isn’t opposed to sharing on her own Instagram page in opposition to rising anti-social activity.

“You should be your own customer,” advised Cindy Crawford. “If you aren’t interested in your product, if you wouldn’t be excited to share it with your best friend I would say look for something else.

She added: “You have to be your first and most satisfied customer.”

Tickets for the 2022 Collision Conference, which is expected to be a live event can be booked online at More than just an event for the tech industry, Collision presents some of the world’s best speakers on topics as wide-ranging as digital media, music, politics, culture and social issues.


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