SOUTH AFRICA FASHION WEEK – DAY 1 – Spring/Summer 2021

Day 1 at South Africa Fashion Week saw Extraordinary New Talent Strut their Stuff with Collections unmistakably African in their Boldness, Allure and Universal Appeal.


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Saint Vuyo’s striking sky blue ensemble with its red accents

South Africa Fashion Week kicked off a bang on Day 1, with New Talent Search 2021, featuring the work of promising new designers Fikile Zamagcino Sokhulu, Artho Eksteen, Michael Ludwig Studio, Mc Alpine, Saint Vuyo and Sipho Mbuto, and went on to showcase the extraordinary collections of The Satiskin Rise and Shine Collections, showcasing the likes of Romaria, Ezokhetho, Erre, Lara Klawikowski, Chiefs of Angels and Black Coffee at the impressive venue of the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg. In seamlessly profession fashionable collection after collection was shown featuring innovative and original collections, one more inspiring than the next.


Behind the scenes


The final touches


Much boldness!


Getting in line! – bold prints, knits and weaves




Pre-show antics


A hair stylist creating their magic


Pre-show touches at Fikile Sokhulo




Post show banter

Artho Eksteen’s collection, heavily influenced by his passion for history, fine art and fashion, takes its inspiration from the ‘Surrealist method of Exquisite Corpse, a method where a collection of images or words is collectively assembled in order to reveal a completed artwork’, according to Eksteen. It’s uncanny how this designer is guided by the fabrics he uses to create the silhouettes in his work. We also love the way colour clashes, texture mixes and knit and surface print details complete this wonderfully grungy collection.

Colour clashing that works a treat at Artho Eksteen


After the event – at Artho Eksteen


A quirky and very modern collection – at Artho Eksteen

Striking blue jacquard knits provide the focal point in this collection – at Artho Eksteen


Fikile Sokhulo’s beautifully feminine collection of printed fabric dresses takes its inspiration from nature and in particular, willow trees, and how earth always strives for an ecological balance. These strikingly elegant pieces certainly conjure up idyllic picnics underneath tall shady willow trees!

Layered frills in Fikile Sokhulo’s red and white collection


Beautiful frill details at Fikile Sokhulo

Pristine white dresses at Fikile Sokhulo


Inspired by ‘De-gendered Geometry’, Michael Ludwig Studio’s collection is sleek, well-considered and contemporary. Within the collection this brand explores masculinity and femininity and fuses this with Eastern design influences to create pieces that are extremely wearable and chic. Unmistakably African – and yet the shapes definitely give a nod to Japanese designers – these pieces are undoubtedly future classics.


Bold surface prints – post show at Michael Ludwig Studio


Where African design meets Oriental influences – at Michael Ludwig Studio


Modern, minimalist and with clean lines, this range of chic streetwear with a twist from Mc Alpine is all about clothes that are unique and treasured, pieces that have all the hallmarks of modern heirlooms in the making.

Black and white, with an accent of yellow – at Mc Alpine


Very wearable pieces at Mc Alpine


African boldness in this asymmetrical dress by Mc Alpine


Saint Vujo’s brand is all about dismantling the hegemonic gender roles in society and the striking sky blue and red textiles tell a story of an African clan, ancestors and some tarot cards! And no doubt of the ever-present African blue skies and the red African sun at dawn too. This collection is beautifully designed and the co-ords and dresses super easy to wear.

Intricate yet easy-to-wear pieces at Saint Vuyo


These stunning co–ords are very flattering!


Sipho Mbuto’s design esthetic draws on the playful imaginative tales of craftsmanship, and these patchwork collage ensembles and co-ordinating hats are true works of art!


Final touches – at Sipho Mbuto’s show


Intricate piping detail at Sipho Mbuto’s show

A complex patchwork of denim, organza in tartan and polka dots at Sipho Mbuto


Romaria means ‘pilgrimage’ or moving forward together, befitting for a brand that believes in interconnectedness and the art of ‘weaving’ together towards a better designed and sustainable future. This is slow fashion at its very best, utilizing interesting stich techniques on natual fibres. This S/S 2021 collection is inspired by yin and yang, an everlasting balance between all things – in this case the interplay between colours and textures.

Stylish, elegant and monochromatic pieces at Romaria


Easy-to-wear pieces at Romaria


Ezoketho means ‘carefully chosen’ in isiZulu, and this title is most apt for a range that is versatile, flexible, elegant and suitable for every occasion. The inspiration for these joyously bright pieces is drawn from all aspects of African culture, and of course, the ever-present sunlight on the continent.

Joyous and bright belted dresses at Ezoketho


Unmistakably African ensembles at Ezoketho


Erre is a bold range whose designers don’t shy away from prominent features like a bright colour palette and oversized sleeves and peplums. This design duo count in Princess Charlene of Monaco as one of their steadfast clients.

Peplums and slit necklines in bold colours at Erre

Sleeves are a feature at Erre

Very elegant sweeping dresses at Erre


A collection that celebrates colour – at Erre


Beautiful red dress with pockets at Erre


Lara Klawikowski designs tactile, artisanal pieces with a definitive feminine edge to them. Known for her organic draping, interesting proportions and love for unusual details and textures, Lara’s quest for experimentation has taken her to a journey of recycling and upcycling fabrics in order to create something extremely special and unique.


A red phoenix dress at Lara Klawikowski


A colour palette that is nothing short of idyllic – at Lara Klawikowski

Unique textiles to create exceptional dresses – at Lara Klawikowski

Exotic creations at Lara Klawikowski

Exhuberant, joyful fashion at Lara Klawikowski


Chiefs of Angels’ designer Oscar Ncube is heavily influenced by sustainable fashion principles and reimagines leather and other fabrics to create his pieces, very often using the classic leather jacket as his starting point. These cool streetwear pieces have a definitive grungy rock-and-roll feel to them.

Stripes and fringes at Chiefs of Angels


Grungy streetwear at Chiefs of Angels

Leather details and jacket at Chiefs of Angels


Black Coffee’s designer Jacques van der Watt creates bold yet somewhat discreet and restrained pieces, using tradition-old millinery and applique methods of embellishments

that echo African craft, but with a modern spin on the process. This brand exhibits at fashion weeks all over the world – from Berlin to New York, and this S/S 2021 range with its geometric feel is likely to make waves far afield too, not just locally.

Want to go on safari? – At Black Coffee


Post show at Black Coffee


Gorgeous details – surface prints and a tartan lining – at Black Coffee

Shades of khaki, ready to take you on an adventure! – at Black Coffee

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