SOUTH AFRICA FASHION WEEK – DAY 3 – Spring/Summer 2021

Day 3 at South Africa Fashion Week saw Menswear in all its Joyous Boldness and Exuberance take Centre Stage.

All Image Credit South Africa Fashion Week (Official Website and Instagram)

Exquisite print and knit block colours at Ephymol

Strong design at Luxion Kulca

Pre-show touches

Lining up for the shows – at Ephymol

Iconic Loxion Kulca – from a previous collection

Eyebrow treatment pre-show

Sequins at Ephymol

A Tribute Collection at Luxion Kulca

A message at Xavier Sadan South Africa

Money makes the world go round! – at Xavier Sadan South Africa

Final touches at Ephymol


Day 3 at South Africa Fashion Week was all about the most delicious Menswear! New talent as well as some seasoned stalwarts presented ranges that were awe-inspiring in their innovation and adventurousness. Brilliantly accomplished tailoring, funky streetwear, sportswear-inspired pieces, fabulous knitwear and intricate surface printing produced nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Here is a selection of the very best of the day.

Accessorizing at Richard Hoy

Lukhanyo Mdingi’s iconic collection


Ephymol, brainchild of celebrity designer Ephraim Molingoana has, over the years, become a much-anticipated highlight of the Fashion Week scene. This season the brand has yet again presented a range that is bold, masculine and timeless in its tailoring, uncanny use of colour and subtle details. This is a menswear range that has garnered many international accolades and certainly oodles of recognition locally. Incidentally, this designer’s work and as his A-lister personal style are adored equally by the local media!

A delightful colour palette at Ephymol

Delicious prints, tailoring and patchwork touches at Ephymol

Berets and a mix of prints – it all works! At Ephymol

Glamourous sequin motives on the sleeves and jacket – at Ephymol


Throwaway Twenty creates boyishly playful pieces with a tongue-in-cheek mischievousness about them. We think they’re great fun and definitely for boys and girls who don’t take their fashion too seriously.

Playful polka dots in fun outfits – at Throwaway Twenty

Pastels at Throwaway Twenty


Maklele’s designer Mikhayla Farouk says, ‘As I started learning more about the industry, my focus became more about sustainable garment manufacture rather than just the physical garment itself.’ These gender-fluid practical yet elegant streetwear pieces most certainly tick all the boxes for beauty and comfort – as well as sustainability!

Wanna climb that mountain? At Maklele

Elegantly sporty – at Maklele


Richard Hoy creates clothing that is contemporary and made for adventure, they’re tailored and casual at the same time. Richard Hoy’s S/S 2021 Collection is entitled ‘Field Trip’ and it gives a nod to the nostalgia of the past whilst acknowledging the grittiness of the present in the hard-wearing utility wear, bomber jackets, hiking ropes and other motifs.

Ready for that Field Trip? – At Richard Hoy

Bold leaf green and red-and-black leaves design co-ords – At Richard Hoy


Xavier Sadan South Africa is a unisex – but rooted in menswear – collection that explores the subtle space between soft masculinity and strong femininity. Referencing Transformer and Lego toys from childhood, designer Xavier relishes the idea of removable, interchangeable pockets – clothes that the wearer can interact with. The colour palette of this collection is inspired by his father’s closet of traditional menswear.

Browns with a twist – At Xavier Sadan South Africa

Softly masculine tailoring – At Xavier Sadan South Africa

Removable pockets and wrapped sleeves – At Xavier Sadan South Africa


The Loxion Kulca brand that started as an informal enterprise of handmade items now has cult status in South Africa and beyond – in neighbouring countries and much further afield. ‘Loxion’ translates into ‘township / ghetto / home’ and ‘Kulca’ means ‘culture / pride’. Based on the principles of ‘Ubuntu’/ ‘togetherness’ designer Ole Ledimo’s collection celebrates the life and work of co-founder Wandi Nzimande and honours all the things he loved – from music (particularly hip hop) to fashion and storytelling. The collection showcases loose and free silhouettes, often in black and lime as a tribute to Wandi who was an expert in uplifting and uniting emerging designers.

This is an exceptional, highly accomplished body of work – playful, practical, sporty and at the same time super glamorous. This collection is eclectic, and make no mistake, this is African design at its very best – it’s bold and unashamedly passionate about all things local. Ode Ledimo has wholesalely succeeded in creating an iconic collection to pay tribute to a fashion icon of our time.


Fun, sporty and unmistakably Loxion Kulca

Sporty khaki dresses with a nod to safari style at Loxion Kulca

Urban streetwear at its very best – At Loxion Kulca

Elegant trousers mixed with sporty jackets – At Loxion Kulca

Expect the unexpected – At Loxion Kulca

Suave and sexy – at Loxion Kulca

Proud to be of this place – At Loxion Kulca

Bold designs for bold people – At Loxion Kulca

A touch of blue and maroon – At Loxion Kulca

It’s partytime! Tux and bolero at Loxion Kulca

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