Nourish and Repair Over-Washed & Sanitised Dry Hands with Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel

As we finally start to emerge from the pandemic and the country opens up to a glorious summer of joyful meetups with family and friends, our hands–which have been washed and sanitised every step of the way during this time–are more deserving than ever of extra care and attention. The use of aqueous soaps and alcohol-based products, while key to reducing infection, can strip the skin of its natural protective layer (sebum), leaving those hands dry, cracked and painful. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel uses pioneering technology to restore and deeply moisturise dry skin, and is the perfect way to bring your hands to their pre-pandemic softness.

In addition, with sports clubs opening back up, some TLC for the hands is a must, especially if you’re back in the gym lifting weights, or dusting off the tennis racquet or set of golf clubs and re-familiarising yourself with your winning grip. If you’re kind to your hands, they’ll be kind to you, so be sure to keep a jar in your sports or kit bag!

Occlusives1 such as Shea Butter and Soja Oil create a thin barrier against water loss, lock in moisture and slow the evaporation of water from the skins surface, while humectants2 like Hyaluronic Acid (which carries x1000 times its weight in water), Glycerine and Lactic Acid work like magnets, drawing in water from the environment and deep within the skin itself. Finally, Emollients3 such as Vitamin A, Shea Butter and Chamomile improve the appearance of skin by smoothing flaky cells, improving elasticity and tone.

The standard creams, lotions and body butters that are currently used in the treatment of dry skin are made using up to 70% water, but as our skin is water repellent, the majority of this evaporates on contact. Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is formulated using 87% oil for an intensely hydrating product. As well as providing deep moisturisation, the oils used include Lavender Oil and Camomile Oil which work to calm the red irritated skin resulting from constant washing.

With 92%* of women with dry skin conditions such as eczema, noting that their skin felt instantly moisturised and 82%* recording a significant improvement in just two days, Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is the new hero product for dry skin. We recommend applying a small amount of Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel after washing hands for at least 20 seconds in warm, soapy water or applying hand sanitizer. Available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml, pop one in your handbag, car and bathroom to ease irritated and cracked hands.

Available at Lloyds, McCabe’s, McCauley’s and Bio-Oil stockists nationwide.
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Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil is a household name, developed in South Africa in 1987 and trusted globally for treating scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Celebrity fans include Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge. While Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel benefits from the heritage of this cult product, it is a standalone product in its own right and targets a different set of skin concerns, specifically dry skin conditions.

1 The Use of occlusive ingredients is the gold standard in treatment of dry skin. Occlusive ingredients provide much needed relief from dry skin by locking moisture into the skin. This is done through the application of an oily layer to the skin which reduces trans-epidermal water loss, and is the most effective way to treat dry skin.

2After occlusive ingredients, humectant ingredients are the next best way to treat dry skin. They are water-soluble materials which act like mini sponges, attracting and holding water from the immediate environment to provide deep hydration.

3Emollients are moisturising treatments applied directly to the skin to soothe and hydrate it. They cover the skin with a protective film to trap in moisture. They help prevent patches of inflammation and flare-ups of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

*Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel Moisture efficacy clinical trial, Texas, United States of America, 2018 – 28 female subjects with diagnosed dry skin conditions (I – III on the Fitzpatrick Scale).

  • 92% of participants noted that their skin felt instantly moisturised.
  • 82% recorded a significant improvement in dry skin in just two days
  • 100% of participates showed a statistically significant improvement.
  • 93% of subjects maintained this significant level 3 days after the trial ceased.

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel Irish trial results: Trial carried out on 109 females suffering from self-assessed dry skin – conducted by DMG Media Ireland, 2019.


  • 97% saw an improvement in their dry skin since using Bio-Oil ® over the course of the two-week trial.
  • 77% saw an improvement in skin within one day.
  • 90% felt their skin was moisturised all day post application.


99% of participants agreed that the product is easy to apply and 91% of participants agreed that a little goes a long way.


90% of participants were happy with how quickly it absorbed into skin.


65% of participants agreed that the product is better than anything they have used before for dry skin while a massive 98% would recommend Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel to a friend.

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