Tranoï June Event 21 – YULIAWAVE

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Yulia Vasilevskaya, designer and brand creator, founded the women’s clothing brand in 2014, starting her career with designing a gown for her own birthday. Her alias, WAVE, perfectly reflects Yulia’s mood and attitude — bright, strong, and in endless motion. Over several years of the brand’s existence, the small home-based workshop has turned into a rapidly growing enterprise thanks to her continuous efforts and creative intuition.

YULIAWAVE is a fast-developing Russian clothing brand with its own production facility. The brand is built on the evolving understanding of casual wear and a new take on freedom of expression.

YULIAWAVE is always right on target with the latest trends, eager to challenge the established social conventions.

In its recent advertising campaigns, with its collections featuring loose-fitting masculine silhouettes and oversize styles, the brand deliberately rejects the gender binary. As we aspire to neutralize the gender labels, we keep the other side of femininity in mind by creating light and airy silk dresses, praising simple feminine curves and silhouettes, and recognising monochrome as the absolute power.

By creating high-quality leather outerwear and strengthening our position in today’s fashion industry, we endeavour to go further and offer our clients full-scale lines — from casual clothing and exquisite gowns to shoes and jewellery.

Even though leather remains an unvarying symbol of our brand, today we also rely on classic clothes, vibrant details, designer prints, and new formulas for familiar silhouettes.

Carefully developing the release of each collection, our team continues to promote its aesthetic
philosophy in everything — from advertising to packaging.

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