Pure polo at the AIPC Dublin Ireland for the Wicklow Stolen Spurs

THE All Ireland Polo Club Dublin Ireland hosted a tournament of pure polo recently for the Wicklow Stolen Spurs trophy, and it became a momentous occasion for fans divided between the CJLaw/Workpal team and LHK/Keelings.

Caroline Keeling for LHK/Kellings clears the ball in the qualifier for the Stolen Spurs trophy against Wicklow at the AIPC Dublin Ireland

The team lining out for CJLaw/Workpal had battled through a series of four tournament finals against LHK/Keelings, marginally losing in each before the final in July.

As the chance in the final match of sudden death in overtime loomed CJLaw/Workpal’s Will Clarke delivered the tie goal while teammate Ian Magahey scored the win on 7 goals to 6 from LHK/Keeling’s to end the series lockout.

“We were delighted with it!”, CJLaw/Workpal captain Will Clarke said later. “We have played in five finals and we finally got there. We are very happy.”

CJLaw/Workpal captain Will Clarke (l-r) Sienna Moore, co-captain Ian Magahey and Michael Connolly, the winners of the Wicklow Stolen Spurs trophy

CJLaw/Workpal and LHK/Keelings were two of six teams to face off at the AIPC for the Wicklow Stolen Spurs trophy, the rest earlier relegated in the two-day tournament to the subsidiary and consolation finals.

Polo continues in Europe’s oldest polo grounds and largest walled park at the AIPC in Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland until September.

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