Secret Exotic Hideaways, Resort 2022 Fashion

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Whether or not we can travel at the moment, one thing is certain; we can dream. So instead of focusing on restrictions, let’s put our spotlight on our fantasy secret exotic destinations. Hold onto your bikinis. This is going to be one wild ride.

Nirvana Resort 8-21 girl floating in pool.JPG

Secret Hideaway, Nirvana Beach Resort and Spa, Thailand

Nirvana Resort 8-21 building.JPG

Island luxury, Nirvana Beach Resort.

Oscar de la Renta resort 2022 floral dress cropped.jpg

What to wear as cocktail hour approaches in Paradise? Oscar de la Renta embroidered flowers and bare feet to walk along the breathtaking beach at sunset, preferably with a flute of champagne and the one you love. Credit:

Resort 8-21 Nirvana Resort.JPG

Of course your master bedroom and Jacuzzi face the magnificent Andaman Sea. Nirvana Beach Resort.

resort 8-21 vogue sea wht lace cropped.jpg

Sea brand; a fresh and feminine label with a modern vibe, based in NYC. Credit:

Your gym shorts and an old t-shirt will just not work in such a romantic and luxurious bedroom-by-the-sea.

A charming white lace skirt and tie-back blouse will be just perfect. By Sea.

Effortless makeup style report magazine resort 21 cropped.jpg

The perfect make-up for this exotic adventure? A bronzy, effortless look with a soft rose shimmer on the lips, a touch of eyeliner and a dusting of metallic powder on the collarbone for a hint of drama. Credit:

Resort 8-21 Viceroy Bali pool (2) cropped.JPG

Set deep in the jungle valley of Ubud, the Viceroy Bali, Indonesia is a family-owned luxury hotel, featuring 40 stunning private pool villas. In 2018 it was voted the best resort in the world by Condé Nast Traveler.

resort 8-21 Viceroy bali helicopter.JPG

You arrive to the Viceroy by helicopter…

Just in case the paparazzi are lying in wait behind a palm tree for you to step off your private chopper ride, you’ll need to dress extra fabulous for the cameras…

Sacai resort 8-21 wht w blk trim vogue cropped.jpg

Perhaps a classic cropped jacket with voluminous sleeves from Tokyo designer Chitose Abe, creative director for Sacai would work for the camera? Credit:

Sacai resort 8-21 long pink cropped.jpg

But then again, this easy, long and flowy hot pink dress by Sacai would contrast beautifully with the jungle background. Credit:

Sacair 8-21 resort blue leather cropped.jpg

This extraordinary sea blue leather two piece might be just the thing. Chitose Abe is renowned for her remarkable technical fabric splicing abilities and avant-garde pattern making expertise. It’s no wonder that she collaborates with numerous luxury brands worldwide. Credit:

Greta Constantine long blk w green 8-21 cropped.jpg

This is it! Total drama! An evening gown by Greta Constantine brand. We’ll add a pair of sky high Manolos and the paparazzi will go wild! Credit:

resort 8-12 glamour glossy eye shadow makeup cropped.jpg

To complement the excitement of your fantastic gown, we’ll want make-up that continues the opulent vibe. Glossy eye shadow and highlighted blush will emphasize the luxe look. Credit:

Resort 8-21 Viceroy bali LR.JPG

Here’s your charming living room which opens onto your private pool overlooking the jungle forest. Viceroy Bali.

Nicole miller resort 8-12 pink off the shldr cropped.jpg

For lounging around a stunning living room that delights the senses both inside and outside, the delicious off-the-shoulder smocked dress by Nicole Miller. Credit:

Resort 8-21 viceroy bali deluxe bath.JPG

Your luxurious bath at the Viceroy Bali.

Resort 8-21 silk spa robe Juliania (3) cropped.JPG

Don’t forget you 100% silk spa robe. Julianna Rae Sleepwear.

Resort 8-21 viceroy bali cicular terrace.JPG

The drama of a private terrace villa on the edge of the jungle forest. Simply breathtaking. Viceroy Bali.

Stella Jean flounced skirt resort 8-12 cropped.jpg

The wild jungle inspires the joyful, brilliantly colorful flounced skirts and dresses of ethical fashion designer Stella Jean.

Stella Jean resort 8-21 painted skirt figs cropped.jpg

Roman designer Stella Jean collaborates with artisans around the global. The jubilant pattern of this delightful skirt was painted by women in the Umbrian region of Italy.

Stella Jean flounced skirt with blse resort 8-12 cropped.jpg

Flounces, fantasy and fun. Stella Jean.

Resort 8-21 viceroy bali cocktail hour.JPG

Spectacular cocktail lounge at the Viceroy Bali.

Resort 8-21 vogue Greta Constantine coral mini cropped.jpg

Just the thing for an extravagant pre-dinner cocktail overlooking a dramatic forest view. Greta Constantine pink eyelet dress by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, who craft celebrity approved garments that are designed to turn heads.

style report eye lashes resort 8-12.jpg

For a candlelight dinner, bump up the eye glam with the drama of plenty of liner and striking eyelashes. Keep your lips soft with a glossy nude tone. Credit: Stylereportmagazine.

resort 8-21 viceroy bali restaurant Aperitif.JPG

Viceroy Bali offers gourmet dining.

Johanna Ortiz resort 8-21 orange wht dress cropped.jpg

For dinner overlooking a jungle paradise, tropical leaf pattern halter with sarong style wrap from Johanna Ortiz.

resort 8-21 wht w green emb johanna ortiz (2) cropped.JPG

Johanna Ortiz is one of the top designers of luxury resort apparel. Her garments are handcrafted in Colombia by skilled artisans.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa private hill top.JPG

Perhaps an exotic, luxury five star hotel sounds nice, but you’d like something a little more exclusive? Possibly a bit more private, so you can host your friends and party your way? What about your own secret villa on your own private hilltop cliff on Ibiza? No problem, that can be arranged. Welcome to Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa party girls from video (2) cropped.JPG

Party down your way. Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa food (2) cropped.JPG

With a list of amenities a mile long, all your exotic hideaway wishes can come true. Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa rooftop sun bathing (2) cropped.JPG

Rooftop sunbathing, Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-21 yolanthe outdoor shower (2) cropped.JPG

An outdoor shower under the palm trees, Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-12 yolanthe villa girl on swing.JPG

Stunning rooftop gardens, Villa Cala Tarida.

8-21 resort yolanthe villa interior red room cropped.jpg

Villa Cala Tarida features lush décor in the Marrakech style.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa private disco (2) cropped.JPG

Did you say you’d like your own private disco? With your own personal DJ? You got it. Villa Cala Tarida.

resort 8-21 yolanthe villa outdoor giant TV (2) cropped.JPG

Enjoy your favorite TV show at sunset in a pool at the edge of the cliff with friends. Villa Cala Tarida. Want to see more? Watch the video here.

Resort 8-21 raisa v blue orange (2) cropped.JPG

You’ll need the most fantastic resort wear for this exotic hideaway; that would be Raisa Vanessa.

resort 8-21 raisa v one shldr swim floral cropped.jpg

This heavenly floral one shoulder bikini is totally Ibiza. Raisa Vanessa.

resort 8-12 raisa v royal blue swimweat cropped.jpg

Another perfect swimwear choice. Raisa Vanessa.

resort 21 raisa v lime green suit (2) cropped.JPG

Yes. This remarkable sequin jumpsuit by twin sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason will do nicely on this hedonistic island paradise.

Revel in your dreams and fantasies. Soon they will become realities. Here’s to dreaming!

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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